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How important is global justice activism?

Global justice activism is important because of the examples of social awareness that is seen around the globe. Marginalized peoples are beginning to regain their voices and are supported by others who see the injustices that have been carried out against them. Kobayashi & Ray (2000) quote Engels, who notes that “…justice ‘varies not only with time and place, but also with the persons concerned’, then it seems important to look at the ways in which a particular society produces such variation in concepts” (Kobayashi & Ray, 2000, 404). This is essentially true when we examine major global conflicts and see the forms that demonstrated local activism for justice; for example, the Afghan resistance to the Soviet occupation; the Kuwaiti resistance after the invasion of Iraq.

What strategies work the best in achieving change?

Social activism seems to work best when the ordinary man and woman starts to stand up and to speak out. The examples given in Zinn’s (2010) video clip shows the activism of John Lewis, Rosa Parks, and Malcolm X, among others (Zinns, 2010). These individuals were the harbingers of movements that grew to allow the free expression of voices that were oppressed by the social and historical events in US history. The strategy of activism, in the form of civil protest, brought awareness to their concerns.

What role will global justice activism play in Canada’s future?

If the principles of global justice activism are applied in Canadian situations, Canada will see social movements that bring more awareness to the marginalization that the Aboriginal Peoples of Canada have experienced. The discussion of civil risk and landscape marginality is very applicable to the social justice issues regarding the Aboriginal Peoples of Canada (Kobayashi & Ray, 2000, 401). This marginalization has essentially almost destroyed their culture and way of life. There is a growing Canadian, as well as global, movement, to make good the wrongs that were done to the Aboriginal peoples (Palys, 1993). The establishment of the Territory of Nunavut and the attention being paid to treaty rights, is a start.












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