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Many students around the world are now aware of how competitive the job market is, which is why so many more young people are stressing about their grades and career prospects. There is a lot of pressure to get the top scores and handing in a thesis, dissertation or research paper can feel like a life or death scenario for some students. This is where the right kind of assignment help can come in handy.


Students that seek assignment help – contrary to many people’s belief – are not slackers. Many of the students that use an assignment writing service are victims of certain circumstances that prevent them from writing their assignments to the best of their abilities. This may be due to a language barrier, an unforeseen illness, or a lack of support from their tutors. Whatever the reason may be, with a little bit of assignment help these students can get themselves back on track to getting the grades they have been working so hard for.


Online assignment writing services are now fast becoming an indispensable educational aid to students who are genuinely eager to learn. These services can give students valuable study material that can refer back to again and again when writing their essays. The issue is, however, that not every assignment writing service can provide you with the quality that your assignments require.


Rather than choosing the first company you find online, you need to find the right one for you that will meet your demands and supply you with work that is of exceptional quality. Most people would advise that you stay away from the cheap and seedy companies who might supply you with poorly written or plagiarised work. Instead, choose a premium service from The Uni Tutor. We are experts at what we do and are one of the best assignment writing services operating online!



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Some Assignment Writing Service Companies Cannot Be Trusted:

Unlike The Uni Tutor, many online assignment help companies choose not to obtain a business license in any of the countries they are serving. The obvious reason is to avoid taking responsibility over the services they are offering. When no government agency is regulating these illegitimate companies, they are more likely to scam their clients.

When “low rates” is the company’s main selling point, then watch out. It could turn out to be the only positive thing in the whole transaction. Think about this: when you can do better research than their writers could, then you are just spending money for a non-existent assignment writing service, are you not?

No student in their right mind will dare plagiarize another person’s work. Why would you pay someone to do it for you? If you are not careful in choosing the right assignment writing service company, then you are doing exactly that.

The main purpose of getting assignment help is to supplement your classroom learning and give you a better understanding of the topics you are studying. Having a writer or researcher with a questionable academic background would defeat that purpose. You are better off burning the midnight oil yourself than entrusting your future in their hands.

An assignment writing service does not only entail filling out some piece of paper with information you need.As a client, you need a guarantee that it will be delivered on time, adherent to academic standards and consistent with the specific instructions you gave, among others. Any online assignment help service that provides less than those will just be a waste of your time and money.

The Uni Tutor Guarantees

Help with trained professionals in our pool of writers, we are confident to promise you the grade you are aiming for.

Any information you share with The Uni Tutor is secure because your privacy is important to us.

We work with your schedule. The quality of the assignment help you get will never be compromised even when the time is limited.

We know you are busy so The Uni Tutor designed a user-friendly interface for its clients. With just a few clicks, you can customize your service and receive a quote to get you started on your assignment help.

  • Completely original, custom written essays, dissertations and assignments, free of plagiarism
  • Correctly annotated and referenced
  • Can be delivered as fast as 24 hours after receipt of payment
  • Thoroughly researched academic work
  • Written to your exact requirements
  • Whatever subject you need written
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Completely original, custom written essays, dissertations and assignments, free of plagiarism

Annotated and referenced essays

Correctly annotated and referenced

Essays met to your specific needs

Written to your exact requirements

Essays delivered in under 24 hours

Can be delivered as fast as 24 hours after receipt of payment


Prices for our Assignment Writing Service

Undergraduate Essays

Our team of writers is thoroughly experienced in researching and writing for all levels of academic essays, coursework and dissertations.

Whatever the subject that you need researched, our academic writers are up to the task to write your undergraduate essay and help you get terrific grades. In 24 hours, or in two or four weeks, entirely up to you, and with guaranteed on-time delivery, or your money back.

You tell us the precise level of research and the word count you require, and we give you the best essay writing services and employ the best academic writing experts that will definitely get you the grades you deserve.

That’s how simple. And don’t forget: Our 7-day grace period allows you to request any changes you would like to see.

Masters Essays

If you’re studying for your Masters degree and you need help writing an essay or dissertation, you’ll be happy to know that all of our writers are experts in writing essays for MA, MBA, LLM, MSC essays and coursework.

If you get one of our writers to work for you, your coursework and essays will be completed to a Pass, Merit, or Distinction standard.

Your writer himself will be a Distinction Grade degree holder – what more could you want?

You tell us the precise level of research and the word count you require, and we get you essay help and academic writing that will definitely get excellent grades. That’s how simple. And don’t forget: Our 7-day grace period allows you to request any changes you would like to see.

When You Need to Buy Essays
  • No Plagiarism: we use several programs to scan for plagiarism and we include a report when we approve and deliver your essay or assignment
  • 7 Days of unlimited alterations grace period for any changes to your coursework
  • Full ownership and intellectual property rights transferred to you when payment is completed: You will own all copyrights to the work once payment is complete. Nobody will ever be allowed to share, publish or distribute this work unless you give personal permission
  • Fully referenced and with correct and checked bibliography
  • Guaranteed to never be resold or published anywhere else
  • Top quality: We’re confident we are the best essay writing service and we will deliver a top quality essay to you. If your custom essay is not of the standard you ordered, your next essay comes free of charge. (One-time only for each purchased work)
  • Privacy and Confidentiality: We promise that neither your contact details nor your work will be passed to any other party whatsoever. We respect your privacy under all UK and US laws
  • On Time Delivery: We promise that you will receive your assignment, essay, dissertation or other coursework on time. If you do not receive your ordered works on the day we promise, you will receive your money back

For more information please see our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

With The Uni Tutor, you can’t go wrong. Check your quote, and get the best possible academic essay writing you could wish for.

Why choose us
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Your original and fully referenced workicon-blue-checkmarkicon-blue-checkmark
Standard 7 day period to request your researcher make changes to your work.icon-blue-checkmarkicon-blue-checkmark
Extended 90 day period to request your researcher make changes to your work.icon-red-xicon-blue-checkmark
Researcher fully qualified in your subject area and to your level of study.icon-blue-checkmarkicon-blue-checkmark
One of the top 5 researchers fully qualified in your subject area and to your level of study.icon-red-xicon-blue-checkmark
Personal account manager as your main point of contact.icon-red-xicon-blue-checkmark
Quality report that details all of the quality checks carried out on your work.icon-red-xicon-blue-checkmark
Plagiarism report that highlights any instances of plagiarism within your work.icon-blue-checkmarkicon-blue-checkmark
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Assignment Writing Help


If you’re looking for a hand with your assignments, contact The Uni Tutor! We are a premium assignment writing service and the best in the UK at what we do. The quality of work that you receive from us is something you won’t find anywhere else, and we go above and beyond to maintain high standards in everything we do. We write assignments for a comprehensive range of subjects across all levels of education – from undergraduate degrees to PHDs – and have rigorous quality control procedures to ensure that every assignment we provide for our customers is work that we can be proud of.


Will You Research As Well As Write My Assignment?

When you use The Uni Tutor for assignment help, we will commit to writing your custom essay completely. We will research, write, cite our resources, proof read and amend your essay if you need us to. However, if you want to tackle your assignment on your own, we can provide you with partial services too, such as conclusions, introductions, abstracts and bibliographies, to give that extra bit of support that you need to get the grades you deserve.


How Much Will It Cost To Do My Assignment?

You will find a lot of different assignment writing services online with both high and low prices. While you shouldn’t have to fork over tons of cash to get a good essay writing service, choosing an essay that’s too cheap can lead to you paying for poor quality work. At The Uni Tutor, we do our best to closely match our prices with the quality of the work we provide you and adjust our prices according to your requirements. So, when you buy your assignments from us, you will be getting incredible quality for a fair price.


How Long Does It Take To Do My Assignment?

To give you an extra element of flexibility, you get to choose how soon you want your assignment completed and delivered. You can save money on your assignment if you buy it early and give us more time to write it, but if you need it written in a hurry, we can get your completed assignment to you as soon as the next day! Use our quick quote calculator to see for yourself how much you could save by buying your assignment early.


After You Write My Assignment, How Do I collect It?

To save time, we perform all of our assignment writing services online. That means that you can get your quote, purchase and collect your completed assignment all from the comfort of your computer. When the agreed upon day arrives, you can download your essay and plagiarism report straight to your computer. This allows you to make any changes you need to your UK essay before it gets printed to make it your own.


Will I Be Penalised For Plagiarism If You Do My Assignment?

At The Uni Tutor, you will never have to worry about the consequences of plagiarism because everything that our writers create is 100% completely and utterly original. All of their sources of information are cited correctly in the essay and our plagiarism report shows that we have thoroughly and carefully inspected your essay for any signs of plagiarism. Once the essay has been sent to you, you become the owner and you will not see the contents shared or used anywhere else. When you side with us for assignment help, you will never need to worry about plagiarism.


When you use us for your assignment help, getting good grades will be easier than it’s ever been. We are whole heartedly committed to helping you complete your education with flying colours and won’t accept less than the very best. Our services are available to anyone in the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Canada as well as elsewhere around the world, and in each location we have helped thousands of students get the grades they want. So, order your assignment  or buy an essay today and secure for yourself grades that will open doors.

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Contact us, We are happy to help with your assignment.

Our order process

Order your dissertation with our three step order form. Once your form is complete you’ll be on the way to getting where you want to be. When we receive your order it is matched to a writer with a minimum 2.1 degree in your subject, has English as a native language, and has experience in writing professionally. This writer will then start writing your dissertation to your specific instructions. Once your order is complete our team will check that it meets all of our guarantees, including being plagiarism-free and to the grade that you ordered, before delivering it to you on time.

There are multiple ways to pay for your order, they are listed below.

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We use a secure payment system, and we never store any of your card details. We accept many payment cards inclusing; Visa, Mastercard and Delta

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We take online card payments via PayPal, but you do not require an account with PayPal in order to pay with your credit or debit card.

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Write My Assignment

When you get given an important assignment, it can often be tempting to simply leave it and put it off until the deadline looms. The problem with this, however, is the deadline always seems to suddenly roll around with the click of fingers! If the essay you’ve been given is giving you plenty of sleepless nights due to its difficulty, The Uni Tutor can give you online assignment help! We have a team of professional writers who will go to extraordinary lengths to ensure that your assignment is spot on to get the grades that you want. So, if you often think “it would really help having aid when I do my assignment”, you now can, and all at a very affordable price.


When thinking about using The Uni Tutor to “do my assignment”, you’ll be happy to know you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home. Tutors in real life can be very helpful, however travelling there frequently for essay help can be inconvenient and time consuming, and ultimately you could have spent that time at home using our services!

How Can I Get Help From You With My Assignment?

We understand that when you are given a large assignment to do, it can be extremely stressful. Online assignment help has been made easier than ever with The Uni Tutor thanks to the extensive services that we provide to our customers, all to lift that weight off of your shoulders! We understand how daunting a massive assignment can be, which is why when you think “I need help from The Uni Tutor to write my assignment”, we are dedicated from start to finish! We are proud of our team of writers and you can be sure they’ll happily carry out thorough research to ensure the assignment is completely accurate and of the best quality! If you simply require extra online assignment help, we are able to proof read your essay as well as make any necessary amendments to get you those top grades that you want. There’s nothing more satisfying knowing that you earned that grade yourself.


If you’re thinking “how long will it take for The Uni Tutor to do my assignment?” there is no need to worry. We can actually arrange a time that suits you to ensure that it’s done long before the deadline. If you’re in urgent need of our online assignment help services, we can even get it written for you in time for the next day, which is why we are considered the best UK assignment writing service.


Ensuring that your essay is free from plagiarism and written to the highest standard is important when applying for online assignment help, which means finding somebody to write your essay can be quite the worrying ordeal. Even when writing your own essay, ensuring that there is no plagiarism is difficult when your research sources are so heavily detailed. So, you may be thinking “how will I know that my work is appropriate when having a service write my assignment?” At The Uni Tutor, we strive to ensure that you hand in a top quality essay that is completely unique and original. Therefore, when thinking “who can I trust to do my assignment?” you will find trustworthy online assignment help at The Uni Tutor. Our educated writers will ensure all annotations and references are relevant, as well as write the essay to your exact requirements in order to make your teachers happy. We wouldn’t offer our services to students in need if we believed our services weren’t pristine, so you can definitely rely on us when the stressful thought “I can’t write my assignment on my own” comes into your head.


We aren’t biased towards your position in education, therefore whether you need an undergraduate essay written or a master essay written, we have an online service available for you. Both types are very difficult to write and can leave you feeling anxious through the entire writing process, so if you find yourself thinking “I need help when I write my assignment” look no further than The Uni Tutor for our variety of services. As already mentioned, we will research, reference and write your essay to the best standard possible in order to reduce that anxiety, no matter where you currently sit in the education system.


Depending on the level of online assignment help that you need, we can offer two services to help you – the standard service or the elite service. If you’re struggling with you assignment heavily and you can’t get the thought “I will never do my assignment properly on my own” out of your head, our elite service will be perfect for you. It offers a few extra services, including an extra 90 day period to allow the researcher to make changes to your work, as well as ensuring that your researcher is one of the top 5 that we use at The Uni Tutor. But, no matter what service you decide to purchase, we promise that you will never have the dreadful thought of “I will fail if I write my assignment” ever again!