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How to Write a First Class Essay

When you write a first class essay, a primary concern is the right know how & comprehension of the precise stipulations asked by the lecturer, keep in mind that all of the written & oral instructions from your teachers who will check on you. To add up to this, if there may be any queries rising, don’t be hesitant to inquire before you start with the writing, this can help you save a lot of time in possibly rewriting your errors later on.

Before you make a research about how to write a first class essay, you need to keep in mind that the ideas must be shown in clear and very reasonable way.  If you can manage your ideas well, there will be a very strong argument. The rationale arrangements will share of the convincing power and keep in mind that you are not obliged to go over the detail, since your argument will be elaborated and protected in the next part of the paper. There are few ways to learn how to write a first class essay.

Initially, you need to learn how to have a powerful argument and strong structure of the paper, which will entice your readers to go on and finish reading the paper. Hence, you must show off some of your insights in short and precise paragraphs, imposing creative style of writing, good language abilities and freedom in thinking. The construction of the paper will be according to the argument or topic you have selected. It will answer the question what, how & why of the primary argument. As an outcome, you will surely boost your possibilities of getting a high mark.


 Even if the arrangement differs for every essay, the pattern might seem to appear in how to write a first class essay. A well written essay normally has these mechanisms, the introduction, the main body & the conclusion. A first class essay starts with the introduction section & its essence is provided by the role of enticing the  interests of the readers in what is going to be tackled and what arguments must be used to invite them, a well written introductory page will always make the reader more responsible about the shown arguments. The introduction should only be short and you need not use a lot of details.

The main body is the lengthiest part of the writing and it must contain an introduction sentence, the thoughts that you want to relay to the readers, the sustaining arguments & a final sentence, all structured in well-made paragraphs. The chosen argument dictates the number of paragraphs, but in principle that the main body is the part where the questions why, what and how will all be answered. The question what is essential to the paper for the readers and you also need to elaborate every claim and then bring proof, so you can also try to make your readers fully comprehend your thoughts and show some proof that you also have a know how about the topic.

When you answer the question how, keep in mind that the readers should comprehend if the statements are just composed for a general topic or if they are only written to convince a particular case. Moreover, in composing your first class essay, keep in mind that counterarguments must be taking over your arguments; you need to carefully work on your chosen counterarguments to be sure that the paper will give an appropriate presentation of the topic that must be discussed.

The next step in learning how to write a first class essay is to answer the question why. You must who your readers are and expect if they will comprehend and impartially assess your arguments. Focus on the truth that the readers has every right to find out the reasons behind the topics you have picked to present, so be sure that your paper is easy to understand.

If you want to compose a first class essay, you need to give a good presentation of the arguments. This is very essential in working on an essay. Summing up the arguments is a structural mistake that will make your paper weak. Hence, structuring the arguments and then keeping them similar to a debate will stimulate the interest of the readers.  Another usual error in a poorly written paper is neglecting to show a strong theoretical base. Accordingly, protect & make your view point stronger about the theme you have chosen to discuss in the paper by means of getting enough number of references.

If you will use significant remarks accordingly to emphasize strong points tackled in the main body, you will surely get a high score. A well written conclusion will eliminate the doubts from the readers about the rationality of the methods you used and will summarize the discussion, showing the suitability of your viewpoint and the relation of the discovery.

Originality and knowledge

 Learning the ways to compose a first class essay includes the right presentation of the thesis itself. You must learn how to organize your paper, so that the reader will easily comprehend your view point.  You are highly suggested to use an impersonal & informal style & offer a sense of professionalism that is well suited for the thesis. A first class essay must always be unique and well thought of, showing your capacity to think freely and without supervision. More so, your thoughts should be shown clearly to the readers, enticing them to go on in reading your paper. You are advised to make a comparison and distinction about various academic insights, which will make your argument powerful.

Lecturers are expected to have a clear understanding of the text. This is to be able to express & convey your own comprehension; you will often times find it appropriate to convey the language of the other authors in such a way that you can represent your own ideas, this is understandable to deliberate on your understanding while going through this stage, which will allow you to show appreciation of your own level of understanding and learn how to formulate arguments and counterarguments required in a balanced debate.

For an appropriate documentation procedure, the most advantageous when you learn the ways to write a first class essay, sites like Google, scholar, Google books & springer link are highly suggested. If you do not have time, know how and self-assurance, then you can easily get the essay writing advice in the essay writing part of our site. It is essential to bear in mind that the precise formatting style asked by the lecturer. If there are no style formats requested by you, then you can use the Harvard or the APA, which are always used in academic essay writing.


The last step in working for an essay is to submit it to your lecturer for the proofreading. As soon as the essay is done, revision is highly recommended to have the right grammar, spelling and logical flow errors. To be able to achieve this, you can also check the paper again or better yet, ask your friends to find some errors if there are some or better use a spell checker for it. You can also ask a professional to the revision like the The Uni Tutor.

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