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What kind of academic work do you help in?

If you need essay help – in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, NZ, or elsewhere – The Uni Tutor can write essays and provide assignment help for the following topics:

  • Law
  • History
  • Literature
  • Philosophy
  • Religion
  • Anthropology
  • Archaeology
  • Cultural and ethnic studies
  • Economics
  • Gender and sexuality studies
  • Political science
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Natural sciences
  • Space science
  • Earth sciences
  • Life sciences
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Computer sciences
  • Mathematics
  • Statistics
  • Agriculture
  • Business
  • Education
  • Journalism

We can also provide essay help for research papers, reports, thesis papers, dissertations, journal articles, books, university applications, personal statements, and other academic documents.

Any kind of academic writing you need – The Uni Tutor’s essay writing service is there for you.


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Our editors correct grammatical, spelling, tense, punctuation, and typographical mistakes. Furthermore, your editor will review syntax and word form, in addition to both sentence and paragraph structure, to ensure that your writing flows logically and advocates your argument with concision, clarity, and consistency.

Whichever type of essay and assignment help you need The Uni Tutor is one of the world’s leading essay writing services – whether you want a writer or an editor.

Your editor will make sure that your essay conforms to the citation and referencing style format required by your university, your instructor, supervisor, department, or publisher.

You may also be asked to adhere to form and style guidelines beyond your basic requirements for citations. To our writers, it’s all the same: We’re more than used to write in any style required, for any university in the world.

If you have been given specific style guidelines, please let us know when you purchase your essay, dissertation or assignment so we can take into account when writing your essay.

Yes! We do offer suggestions and provide feedback on ways to improve the sequence and consistency of the paragraphs and chapters in your essay. Once you have supplied the details of your assignment, your editor will discuss with you the best possible way to meet those requirements.

We don’t just write essays for you: We want you to do well, and we’re here to help you.

The time it requires for an edit depends on the length and condition of the project. Sometimes more technical subjects can take longer, but we will always make every effort to meet your deadline. The Uni Tutor essay help can usually return documents of 2000 words or less in 24 hours (upon receipt of payment); if you need it done even faster, we also offer an express service.

The Uni Tutor is an international service, with editors around the world. We are able to work in the UK, U.S., Australian, Canadian, Hong Kong, and New Zealand English.

Our essay help service can be used by itself, or in combination with our tutoring service. You get the flexibility you need – we adapt to your chaotic student life. But we’re professionals: we’re diligent and we deliver your coursework on time.

We do state, however, that while we can lead a horse to water, we cannot make it think: A student will only take out what they put into this process.

We would strongly recommend that you do not rely solely upon the input of the tutor or essay writer, as this is likely to lead to dependence. It won’t actually strengthen your performance in situations in which a writer is not present – namely, examinations.

We are only too happy to work with you so as to find optimal essay writers (or indeed essay help editors).

We do this by cross-referencing our essay writer database against your course, program or individual subject, and the specialties of the essay writers we have on file.

Our essay writers are also capable of conducting research on your behalf, in relation to your matter, should you request this option.

Essay help writers are there to discuss any issues that you may have in relation to the topic that you’re struggling with.

They are a sounding board for ideas and will accompany you in the process of critical analysis and deconstruction of concepts. With an essay writer by your side, you’re bound to advance fast.
They can provide you with the much-needed guidance to churn through any area of difficulty. The upshot is that it will yield improved academic return and stimulate greater engagement with course content.

Editing involves the fine-tuning of a document as well as the clarification of its content. This may involve considerable overhauling of its substance and even the removal of existing content.

The process may yield new and different creative directions for the work and ultimately strengthen the argument that you originally stated.

Based on the original content, the editor will also make notes to you, advising you of potential avenues to be explored and exploited so as to amplify the end.

Proofreading, as distinguished from editing, is a service that ensures the document reads well, flows well, and presents its information in a coherent manner.

It does not include the provision of ideas on the part of the proofreader. Consequently, this service is far more affordable than editing, writing or tutoring services.

If you’ve written a great piece but you want it to really shine, you need a proofreader. If, on the other hand, you need creative input, an essay help editor is the more obvious choice.

In addition to our personalized tuition, essay writing and editing services, we also feature content available for purchase from our site, including:

  • Summary notes
  • Essay templates
  • Past exam papers

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We receive a great deal of work from ESL students. We know the challenges ESL students face in today’s competitive environment. If you are an ESL student, our expert tutors, editors, and proofreaders are here to provide you with essay help, and to ensure that your work is clear and concise.

If you have any questions regarding any or our services, please get in touch at +44 203 5149371, or send us an email at


We guarantee that all our papers are written to a 1st class or 2:1 standard. We manage to keep our promises, because the writers and researchers we hire, possess a high level of expertise and extensive experience in their respective fields.

Yes, of course. You can contact them via the details we have on file.

You don’t have to worry if the subject of your assignment is not listed in our Quick Calculator or Order Page. This document contains the most popular and frequently sought subjects. We definitely provide service for all the subjects existing and you can send us an inquiry if yours is a specific one.

Yes, we have a staff of 5000+ writers and researchers with expertise in all subjects. They are professionals, who have completed their studies in an wide range of subjects.

Yes, we can. Our team of experts is capable of covering almost all fields of study. We have on staff writers and researchers who are specialists in all fields of study. They have a remarkable background in their respective subjects. If you need further assurance about our capability to complete a specific topic, please contact us by email or live chat.

Yes, we do paraphrase assignments and we would like to assure you that our approach leaves no place for plagiarism. It falls under our ‘Rewriting’ Product Service

In such case you can request a revision. To do so, go to the ‘Files’ list of your Personal order page and send your comments to the writer, who has worked on your assignment, including the timeframe in which s/he should have the revision completed. If serious changes are to be applied to the original order, a re-writing fee will be charged as well. The amount of this fee is calculated having in mind the complexity of the task. Please, follow this link to learn more about our revision policy.

Each and every paper, produced by our company is 100% original. We use an in-house plagiarism detection system that recognizes any kind of Internet content plagiarism. However, unlike popular plagiarism detection systems that are utilized by Universities (as, we will not report the result in public databases. What our company provides is a ‘plagiarism-free’ guarantee – we check your paper to make sure that it is unique. A writing company can guarantee no plagiarism content against open Internet sources and some databases, but there is still no technology (except ) that perform plagiarism check against all sources, indexed by Turnitin.

No such database is available in our company. All papers, produced by our writers are created from scratch.


The Uni Tutor has been part of the academic writing industry for a long time. This has been achieved as a result of our customers’ satisfaction. It is our mission to provide you with an original and custom written paper that is correctly formatted and referenced and that is created after a thorough research. We are ready to assist you in receiving a superior education and to achieve high academic performance. In order to ensure a pleasant and productive experience with our company, we dispose with a customer care service that is available for you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We also have assignment helpers who will support you during the entire process, from the beginning to the moment in which you hand in your assignment to your professor.

Under no circumstances do we resell our papers! Each and every paper produced by our writers is specifically created for a specific customer. We guarantee you a unique work that has never been used before nor will it be used by anyone else in the future!

You will be able to see the paper you have ordered in your account for a year and it will be visible in our system for the same period of time. After that, the paper will be deleted from both our system and your account.

Yes, we provide this type of support. Our helpline number is +61 2 6100 3843. You can call us whenever you need because our telephone lines are open 24×7.

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No, because it is our policy to not resell work, created by our experts. Moreover, each assignment, produced by our company has original content, specific references, unique style, pattern and layout.

Yes, it is ethical to receive help in creating your assignment. There are private tutors who provide help in studies, and we do the same but as a company. Not all students have equal knowledge and skills and some of them need more help in their studies than others. Our mission is to assist those students who have to deal with part-time jobs or time restrictions to achieve high academic performance.

It is our policy to not disclose any information regarding our customers to third parties. All the details that we collect and store are a subject of confidentiality. Users’ privacy is of great importance to all members of the’ staff and you can be sure that it will continue to be that way in future.

According to our policy, we refund only in case a customer fails. The term in which a proof for the failure has to be presented is 31 days after receiving the assignment. We refund 50% of the whole amount upon receiving a failure proof, since the writers take the other 50% of the amount for their efforts. We have a policy to immediately discontinue services from writers who have produced work that has failed. For more details about our refund policy, please, check the company’s terms and conditions document.

We offer free revision and this service is available in a period of 7 days after delivering the assignment to the customer. You can request a longer revisions period if you order it on the Order page. There is one condition, related to such cases – customers should not change their requirements. is a reputable company for academic assistance with headquarter in London, UK. Students from the United States, UK, Canada and Australia trust our expertise since 2002 and we accept online orders from all over the world. has established a long-term and efficient cooperation with the most reliable online platforms for financial transactions – PayPal and Moneybookers. They have proved that their service is safe and fast by performing millions of money transfer operations for both individuals and companies throughout the years. After filling in the order form, you will be able to choose between one of these payment options: PayPal or Moneybookers. Then, you will be re-directed to the company web page where you will be guided through a simple but secure payment process. We will receive the transfer in few minutes and your personal writer will start working on your order immediately to provide you with an academic assistance of high quality. For more information about PayPal and Moneybookers, please visit their websites.


Yes, we are capable of delivering an assignment in just 2 hours.

Our dedicated staff of experienced researchers and writers will work according to your instructions. They are capable of delivering an assignment for 4 hours, if necessary, as well as through the whole time range to 6 weeks.

If the deadline has passed and your paper has not been delivered yet, then contact us immediately. You can do this by writing a message on your order page, by using our live-chat option or by simply calling us.  Our competent and friendly customer support professionals will check your order in a conscientious manner and will take care of your issues. The reasons for a delay may be various.  For example, you may have submitted a wrong email address or the SPAM filter of your email account may stop the emails from our company. In other cases your writer may be waiting for your reply and may need your reaction in order to resume work or we may be performing a plagiarism check. Feel free to contact us directly for any problems and concerns, including the ones related to order delay.

The delivery of your paper depends on the timeframe set by you in the order form. While placing an order with, you will see a variety of delivery options to choose from. The process starts automatically once your payment is registered in our system. To set an example, if the payment is done at 6 P.M. on Monday and you choose a 3-day delivery term, you will receive your custom paper by 6 P.M. on Thursday.

As you may presume, in order to cerate a quality paper and perform an in-depth research, your writer will need sufficient time. Having this in mind, when you fill in the order form, kindly set the most suitable deadline.

We also encourage you to send all the relevant documents, necessary for creation of your assignment from the very beginning. In case you forget to do that, your order will be delayed accordingly. If you decide to use our Progressive Delivery service, an individual delivery schedule will be provided for you and the writer, assigned to work on your order will strictly follow it.

The Final Submission deadline is the exact date on which you should hand in the assignment to your professor. In order to save time for revisions, we would like to advise you to set a Final Submission Deadline that exceed your First Draft Deadline by at least 30%.

Once you fill in the order form with, a Personal order page will be automatically created for you. This way the case studies/articles/materials, necessary for your assignment, could be sent directly to the ‘Files’ list of your Personal order page if you have already selected this option while filling in the order form. These materials will become accessible for your writer after their upload in that list. If some difficulties occur while uploading the files, you can always contact our customer support staff and they will be happy to assist you.

Once your paper is completed, you will receive a notification email that contains a link to your Personal order page. We suggest you to check your Personal order page regularly, especially when the deadline approaches. This way we will be able to avoid any misunderstandings. Please note that none of our staff will ever send you any files by email. For privacy reasons, we have decided to enable customers to download and review their custom papers only by following the link to their Personal order page or when they click on the ‘Manage your orders’ button on our web site.

It is a unique and very useful service that is designed especially for cases when extended academic works, such as Theses, Dissertations, Capstone Projects, etc., have to be completed. If you need to order one of these works and prefer to receive your order in parts, as the writer progresses, you can request a Progressive Delivery service for an extra charge of only 10% of your entire order price. The benefits of the Progressive Delivery for you are:

  1. To make partial payments for your order;
  2. To keep a close contact with your writer (if you want);
  3. To receive your Thesis/Dissertation part by part or even Chapter by Chapter;
  4. To be able to plan your academic work in advance.

How does Progressive Delivery works?

  1. When you place an order that includes this feature, we will set up a Progressive Delivery service and a personal payment plan for you;
  2. The most qualified writer will be assigned to work on your order;
  3. The writer will follow the Progressive Delivery plan and will deliver work accordingly;
  4. You will be able to review and comment each part you receive by the writer;
  5. You can have each part revised according to your comments and the writer will continue working on the next part of your order.
  6. The final paper that you will receive, will require minimal or no revisions.

The academic papers are created in an accepted academic format: 1-inch margins on all sides, 275 words per page, formatted with 12 point Times New Roman/Arial font, double-spaced. In case you require different formatting for your paper, please make sure to specify it in the “Paper instructions” box that is part of the order form.


Yes, we have prepared special offers under which we do give discounts for assignments to our customers. Please, contact us for more details about discounts.

The payment systems, available for you to use for our services, are PayPal, Western Union, MoneyGram, Credit Cards or Debit Cards.

You don’t have to worry if the subject of your assignment is not listed in our catalogue. This document contains only the most popular and frequently sought subjects. We definitely provide service for all the subjects existing and you can send us an inquiry if yours is a specific one.

Yes, you can also pay in parts and deposits. The way our system works is that the customer should make a 50% advanced payment, after which the writers will start working on the order. Once the assignment has been completed, the customer has to clear the balance in order to receive the document.

The fees for our services are slightly higher than what is average for the academic writing industry. We have good reasons for that because we provide a personal approach to you through the entire and writing processes and we offer 100% original writings of high quality – all these elements ensure your pleasant and productive experience with our company. Don’t do the mistake of ordering from a company in which writing fees are lower than $10/page on average. As you probably know, there is no professional writer, who would work for such low rates. You don’t want an amateur to write it. In all cases, such a careless approach will ruin your grades. That is why you can trust our company – we do not resell papers

“Those who lose dreaming are lost,”

goes a familiar Australian Aboriginal proverb.

For those students who are in the constant struggle to attain their ideal grades, The Uni Tutor offers hope. You need not give up your dream of establishing a stable career because getting better grades is within your reach.

Order the best essay writing service off The Uni Tutor today and see what impact it can make on your transcripts.


We deliver more than just a dissertation

  • Completely original, custom written essays, dissertations and assignments, free of plagiarism
  • Correctly annotated and referenced
  • Can be delivered as fast as 24 hours after receipt of payment
  • Thoroughly researched academic work
  • Written to your exact requirements
  • Whatever subject you need written
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Completely original, custom written essays, dissertations and assignments, free of plagiarism

Annotated and referenced essays

Correctly annotated and referenced

Essays met to your specific needs

Written to your exact requirements

Essays delivered in under 24 hours

Can be delivered as fast as 24 hours after receipt of payment


Prices for our Essay Writing Service

Undergraduate Essays

Our team of writers is thoroughly experienced in researching and writing for all levels of academic essays, coursework and dissertations.

Whatever the subject that you need researched, our academic writers are up to the task to write your undergraduate essay and help you get terrific grades. In 24 hours, or in two or four weeks, entirely up to you, and with guaranteed on-time delivery, or your money back.

You tell us the precise level of research and the word count you require, and we give you the best essay writing services and employ the best academic writing experts that will definitely get you the grades you deserve.

That’s how simple. And don’t forget: Our 7-day grace period allows you to request any changes you would like to see.

Masters Essays

If you’re studying for your Masters degree and you need help writing an essay or dissertation, you’ll be happy to know that all of our writers are experts in writing essays for MA, MBA, LLM, MSC essays and coursework.

If you get one of our writers to work for you, your coursework and essays will be completed to a Pass, Merit, or Distinction standard.

Your writer himself will be a Distinction Grade degree holder – what more could you want?

You tell us the precise level of research and the word count you require, and we get you essay help and academic writing that will definitely get excellent grades. That’s how simple. And don’t forget: Our 7-day grace period allows you to request any changes you would like to see.

When You Need to Buy Essays

With 100% Guaranteed Quality

  • No Plagiarism: we use several programs to scan for plagiarism and we include a report when we approve and deliver your essay or assignment
  • 7 Days of unlimited alterations grace period for any changes to your coursework
  • Full ownership and intellectual property rights transferred to you when payment is completed: You will own all copyrights to the work once payment is complete. Nobody will ever be allowed to share, publish or distribute this work unless you give personal permission
  • Fully referenced and with correct and checked bibliography
  • Guaranteed to never be resold or published anywhere else
  • Top quality: We’re confident we are the best essay writing service and we will deliver a top quality essay to you. If your custom essay is not of the standard you ordered, your next essay comes free of charge. (One-time only for each purchased work)
  • Privacy and Confidentiality: We promise that neither your contact details nor your work will be passed to any other party whatsoever. We respect your privacy under all UK and US laws
  • On Time Delivery: We promise that you will receive your assignment, essay, dissertation or other coursework on time. If you do not receive your ordered works on the day we promise, you will receive your money back

For more information please see our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

With The Uni Tutor, you can’t go wrong. Check your quote, and get the best possible academic essay writing you could wish for.

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IncludedStandard Service Elite Service
Your original and fully referenced workicon-blue-checkmarkicon-blue-checkmark
Standard 7 day period to request your researcher make changes to your work.icon-blue-checkmarkicon-blue-checkmark
Extended 90 day period to request your researcher make changes to your work.icon-red-xicon-blue-checkmark
Researcher fully qualified in your subject area and to your level of study.icon-blue-checkmarkicon-blue-checkmark
One of the top 5 researchers fully qualified in your subject area and to your level of study.icon-red-xicon-blue-checkmark
Personal account manager as your main point of contact.icon-red-xicon-blue-checkmark
Quality report that details all of the quality checks carried out on your work.icon-red-xicon-blue-checkmark
Plagiarism report that highlights any instances of plagiarism within your work.icon-blue-checkmarkicon-blue-checkmark
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Order your dissertation with our three step order form. Once your form is complete you’ll be on the way to getting where you want to be. When we receive your order it is matched to a writer with a minimum 2.1 degree in your subject, has English as a native language, and has experience in writing professionally. This writer will then start writing your dissertation to your specific instructions. Once your order is complete our team will check that it meets all of our guarantees, including being plagiarism-free and to the grade that you ordered, before delivering it to you on time.

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