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How to Write an International Business Essay

The primary step you need to take as soon as you have learned how to write an international business essay is to be sure that you have a good comprehension of the business theory and its practices. International business explores the general idea of closing the deals in foreign nations, addressing the problems like the risks and benefits of doing business in other cultural and sociological origins, the international business climate, and consumer trends in the progressive markets, the social behavior in global negotiation or intercultural exchange.

The research stage

Gathering all the information is the initial part of every pupil who knows how to write an international business essay. Regardless of the subject you wish to tackle, you need to collect all of the information from a reliable academic source only. With the advent of technology, gathering the academic works has been easier than ever before. Famous books and journals are also available on the web like Google Scholar or SpringerLink, sites that offer lots of worthy and dependable sources of information.

The primary reason behind this phase is the use of reliable bibliographical sources written by highly acknowledged professionals and researchers. On the other hand, you must not restrict the research and browsing the web, since some online sources are not enough for the academic writing. In a lot of cases, you need to check for a local library. Interviews & online surveys about international business topics can also be the best way to gather all the materials needed for the essay, particularly if you will make statistical statements about the insights of the people regarding the advantages of the closing international deals or if intercultural agreements are targeted.

You need to collect all the materials appropriately and then note down all of the important keys you will need, organize the outline and keep a record of every point you need to tackle. When you learn how to write an international business essay, keep in mind that to collect all of the details like the author of the content, the title of the essay, date of publication and who is the publisher, you have used, this will be for the referencing of the paper by the end of the essay.

The writing stage

If you are knowledgeable about how to write an international business essay, you will comprehend the essence of making an outline. This can help in better organizing the parts and arguments of the paper, so that they adhere to the rational flow of the thoughts when you start to compose the paper.  The key to your international business essay is the language. You can use a precise and lucid language and then be able to identify the particular business term. Moreover, do not use waffle words in the paper. If you will use an acronym, bear in mind that the whole phrase should always be spelled first when the acronym is used. For instance, the Court of International Trade or CIT, Assistance for Customs and Trade Facilitation or ACTF, more so, overusing the acronyms is also unacceptable in a lot of instances.

  1. The introduction must be described in a short manner in the whole part of the paper. You need to start the paper with an eye catching sentence and then describe how you have planned to address the thesis, what side you wish to take, the points you wish to create in the essay and the proof that will bring sustenance to your approach.

Keep in mind that the subjects must be clearly defined and the way they influence the international business context at the same time to elaborate the complications along with the limits available in the topic if appropriate. The introductory page of the paper should be well designed to persuade the reader’s attention and to make them focus on the exposure, but it also needs to make them acquainted with the foreign business environment. Moreover, you can also show some grand theory about the topic tackled.  The details must be modified and demonstrable, a relevant truth to show you possible tactic.

  1. In the body of the paper, you must also categorize the primary subjects and conduct a thorough examination that is established on the foundations that you have collected. The pupil who is familiar with the ways of how to write an international business essay will pay close attention to the paragraphs. The paragraphs must be different in length, but they need to be around 5 to 15 sentences long only and then they must be in sequential manner, so that the details showed may flow accordingly from one concept to another.

The evolution from one paragraph to another can also be made by means of using the impermanent words or by repeating the keywords assigned to you. You must never end the paragraph with a summary, quote, paraphrase, instead you can also explain to the reader the essence of every bit of information by connecting it to the paper. To be able to come up with a debatable argument, you also need to check some viewpoints from various writers and then take the pros and cons for all the arguments.

More so, you may also emphasize the background of the paper by providing your own thoughts about the discussed matter, especially in terms of the topics such as the risk of international joint venture, the internalization of firms, cultural impact about business and other associated problems. However, if you will tackle about less flexible topics like international business management, economics and or corporate governance, your personal viewpoint about business management must be lessened or restricted. Keep in mind that you need to reference the texts, taking from different sources. In every 1000 words, there must be 10 references, but this may vary on the environment and measurement of the paper.

  1. The conclusion must emphasize every primary idea that you have dealt with in the body of the paper, so reassuring the thesis statement will not be a problem. This part of the paper must be the outcome of a rational reasoning and it does not have to adhere to a set of formula, you can also make a review about some points or define your insights or thoughts about the subject. You can also give a short acknowledgement to every concept to be able to give a powerful foundation of the credibility. Be cautious not to lose yourself in the details, the conclusion must also give a sense of closure to the readers. Those who are familiar with the way to compose an international business essay must not leave the readers with questions unanswered, or to ask questions that may raise new problems. Bear in mind that your paper doesn’t have to end with THE END or any other kinds of elements.
  1. The bibliography is part of the paper wherein all the sources of the data gathered in the essay are written. If you have used footnotes in the body of the essay, you can also include the bibliography there.
  1. The appendix is another part of the paper wherein the international business essay will sustain the materials like charts, screenshots and graphs along with photos. If they are too big in the main body of the paper, you can also include them in the appendix. You will be given a subject to discuss, length and format like the MLA, APA or Harvard by your professor before you start with the paper.

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