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How to Write a Marketing Essay

How to write a perfect 2:1 university standard marketing essay

What is marketing?

If you wish to learn how to write a marketing essay, it is great to start with intense information of what marketing signifies. A decent marketing technique is realized by an in depth learning of lots of elements that give the market an advantage and financial revenue. Coming up with good marketing, paper must wait in deciphering which elements are essential in supporting the paper. An in depth research about a lot of aspects of marketing with the use of feasible sources of information is only the initial stage, the real writing procedure mandates careful consideration on your part, since a good concept is not worthy if you will fail to reach it through.

It is essential to find out that composing a marketing essay or any kind of essay is more than just putting words on the paper. Conveying your insights and making the readers comprehend your thoughts and take your viewpoint requires not just for you to be intense on the topic, but to be able to have a powerful writing ability too.


It is a good way to start from the rational agenda of the experts in the past that has progressed through the years in marketing. You as a consultant in marketing need to further learn firms and their products to be able to comprehend the position in the market, and then later on creating your own viewpoint on the advantage of the market and business techniques. From here, you can simply impose your theories just like the ones who have industrialized by Philip Kotler & Michael Porter, or any other approach theoretically that can respond to the problems you tackle in the essay.

The following step may be collecting a list of reference studies and books, but also bear in mind that having more is not always good. Most of the people cheat themselves by perceiving that more sources are much better. This is not true even if you cite them. It is better to have a complete list of quality and dependable sources that consist of the right details about the particular topic your paper is about.  Moreover, you need to make an effort in picking the sources that are fresh and if possible they must be posted by the universities like Oxford, Cambridge and Harvard. These publishers have more validity than newspapers and magazines. But you must not take newspapers, sites and magazines as worthless and prevent citing them as sources of information.

You also need to have a good balance in between the academic writings and articles taken from magazines and sties on the list. A marketing essay must have around 10 sources to have a good impression. As soon as you have made the paper, you need to make an outline about the essay, with a list about every part of it. The outline will serve as a plan for the essay, it will help you in fixing your influences and then it can also help in building a strong circumstance for the paper. A good marketing outline must be informative about the framework of the expert and how it imposes to the real business world, after which, it must have a relevant circumstance study illustration to be able to discuss the primary concept of the paper. Learning how to write a marketing essay suggests learning how to pick from the illustrations to be able to defend your viewpoint.

Case studies

Case studies are about having a good viewpoint for you to learn how your subject might be related to the business leaders and to the market analysts too. Highlight the probability of your studies is also one way to start with the paper, by summing up how your subject may be valuable for the marketing atmosphere, not just to be able to invite your readers and catch their attention, but to also look for the best answer to the daunting task of starting the essay.   After composing the introductory page, you need the methodology of the argument in a very logical way, dealing with the topic in a step by step guide to be able to have a usual and comprehensible flow of thoughts. You can use the outline as a way to elaborate or to narrow down every bit of information with the details and illustrations and the body of the paper must show off the answers along with your thoughts in a clear and very substantial way.

As soon as you have bushed the advice and put up a persuasive instance for the paper, it is about time to compose your conclusions. You have to address the query that keeps and give capable and substantial queries; you do not want your readers to have any kind of questions unanswered about the subject of the marketing paper. You must try to enclose it as much as possible, what can people discover from the essay or how the conclusions may show the usefulness in the years to come. You also might indicate the recommendations and deliberations before posing the real conclusion.


As soon as the most essential things people oversee when composing a paper is to go through the revision phase. The error of bouncing this phase can be very expensive. There are a few reasons behind the revision stage of the essay, you may also neglect about declaring a particular essential marketing issue or better yet neglect a related thought etc. The more you realize what you have composed, the greater your chances will be about making your work better. More so, there is the probability of coming over a thought that you can use in the forthcoming papers. Overall, when you fix your time for composing the marketing paper, make sure that you will give enough time for the revision, since this is also an important part of the paper.


The editing phase is quite dissimilar from the revision stage. Editing is about the proper use of the English language and it has something to do with the thoughts and concepts used in the paper. You can also use a spell checker to find grammar mistakes and be sure that the paper has a good sense. A great method of figuring out the error is to read the paper out loud what you have written. More so, do not be ashamed of showing your marketing paper to someone who is intense in marketing; someone else’s feedback will be valuable to you.

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