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Resources on the Study of Arts Policy and Management

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What is Arts Policy and Management?

Arts Policy and Management is what defines the cultural landscape in the UK, Europe and across many other countries and continents. From the creation and execution of cultural programs at theatres, museums et al to the daily running of art galleries and institutions.

A multifarious course, which touches upon such areas as audience development, fundraising, arts education, cultural tourism, regeneration through arts, arts diversity and social inclusion and copyright etc.

Since the 1960’s, the discipline of Arts Policy and Management has been refined and structured so that each area of the cultural arena is catered for. Today, universities offer various modules that blend arts practice with business management, including – Cultural Policy and Practice, Management and Professional Practice, Management and Business Planning for Arts. Also, most courses will include an option module, giving you the opportunity to focus on a complimentary area.

Understanding Arts Policy and Management

The study of Arts Policy and Management offers a two-fold way of understanding the very diverse world of the arts and how it is a crucial part of contemporary society, embracing both practical realities of the discipline as well as reflection and criticism, allowing you to garner a truly in-depth knowledge of the field.

Arts Policy and Management is integral if you wish to further your employability and pursue a career in the arts, whether as a theatre director or arts administrator, helping you to critically analyse and effectively take on the challenges of the ever changing world of arts management.

From questioning the many personal and wider assumptions on which arts and cultural policy is based to dissecting the ideological roots of societies attitudes towards culture as a societal entity, along with getting to grips with the essentials of management in a very fast paced world, the study of Arts Policy and Management covers a broad sweep.

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