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Renaissance Studies – Resources

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Medieval and Renaissance studies tend to be a somewhat boring subject for most people, but if you dive deeper and really learn the importance of it, you’ll enter an entirely new world. When the dark and frightening medieval times came to pass, it gave rise to a new world of greater morality and human creativity.


Escaping Dark Times

The Middle Ages began shortly after the fall of Rome. Tragically, a very large portion of all the ancient Greek and Roman knowledge was lost during this time.

Remembering the great giants of the ancient world, amazing thinkers of the renaissance began a quest to find and revive the many lost sciences of the past.


A Rebirth of the Human Intellect

Unlike the Middle Ages where only a select group of people were deemed worthy enough to partake of receiving education and expanding knowledge, the Renaissance period began to flip this way of thinking upside down. With the rise of a philosophy called Humanism, all people that made up the society for renaissance times were deemed worthy to receive both basic and higher education.


Paving the Way To Modern Civilization

After this vital time period, renaissance teaching paved the way to early modern civilization. Our world’s everyday life is built upon the work of this period’s artists, architects, and philosophers. Most people take their freedom for granted to be able to read, write, and have virtually unlimited access to expand their knowledge. This is all possible because of the giants in the Renaissance that fought for the rights of future generations.


Whether you are a student or late night browser, studying this time period of the world will help you to understand our world today and how we got here, to begin with. If you are an artist (painter or musician) or love science, you’ll receive incredible benefits from your renaissance and medieval studies. You’ll be absorbed into this incredible new world in no time.

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