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Psychosocial Studies – Resources

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What are Psychosocial Studies?

Psychosocial studies provide students with ways to explore the relationships between the individual and their society. Put simply, psychosocial studies study the ways in which subjective experiences are inexplicably linked with social life. It does this by focusing on both psychology and the broader concerns of the social sciences with culture, society, and history in an interdisciplinary environment. Psychosocial studies also tend to gravitate towards progressive change in individuals and society as a whole.


Psychosocial research draws its inspiration from numerous theories, studies, and concepts such as feminism, sociology, cultural studies, and philosophy. The field of psychosocial studies is also quite extensive, covering a wide range of subject matter including but not limited to: mental health, gender and sexuality, politics, and racism.


Is this course for me?

If you enjoy:

Understanding what makes humans tick.

Understanding the world around you and your role in it.

Gaining and exploring different perspectives on critical social-cultural issues.

Then this course will give you new insight into numerous things, and expand your knowledge and understanding of the world in general.


If you are interested in:

Why we experience and display emotions such as jealousy and anger.

How popular media and culture influence our decisions and media.

The role issues such as ethnicity, gender, race, religion, and sexuality play in our life experiences.

Then Psychosocial studies are certainly the course for you, and you’re bound to enjoy it.


Why you should study Psychosocial studies

Students in their final year of high school often find themselves wondering why they should take a particular undergraduate degree course. When it comes to psychosocial studies, there’s a tonne of reasons why this is a great course to major in. A psychosocial study is a programme that is challenging, exciting, engaging, and informative. It helps students gain a new perspective and understanding of life in general, as well as open up a path for a wide range of exciting

careers. The course offers a wide range of modules and even allows students to expand their interest by providing an equally wide range of optimal modules.


What can you do with a Psychosocial Studies degree?

With a degree in Psychosocial studies, you are well equipped for numerous careers. Most graduates delve in social work, working in agencies in areas such as homelessness, learning difficulties, drug abuse, and mental illness.


Career opportunities basically include:

Welfare worker



Education Psychologist


Youth Worker

If you are interested in studying Psychosocial studies, then you need to check the entry requirements in your university of choice and proceed to enroll.

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