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Politics – Resources

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What is political science?

Politics is a widely spread social science. It can be expressed in a country, large organizations or small offices. It’s brought about by either cooperation or conflict among people with different ideas. Political science according to United States academy is the systematic study of both politics and the government.


The science falls into four main professionalized fields which are country politics, comparative politics, international relations, and political philosophy.


Political science fields.

Country politics focuses mostly on public opinion, voting, elections, legislatures, and courts. Comparative politics, as the name suggest involves comparing the politics of one country to the other. For example, with democracy, different countries have their different opinions of the major issues brought up by democracy and how wealth and democracy are related in a country. International relations deal with the relationship between politics in different countries, for

example, war and trade discussed under the United Nations. Finally, political philosophy describes the perfect formation of the government. It explains the best way to maintain a government and how it will be supportive to every member.


What can you do with a politics degree?

In general politics, a degree can be effective in staff administration, campaign management, special interest advocacy and elected and appointed leadership. The study gives you strategies on how to engage in politics in small organizations such as the universities and become a student leader; it also gives you a network of supporters who become immediate contact in case of a campaign. It also gives you a background to taking other courses such as public policy and

environmental sciences.


In the government, one acquires knowledge in judicial activities, civil service, public policy, law enforcement, regional planning research, and city or town management.

Since political science is somehow referred to as “slow journalism,” the study helps during editing and circulating information acquired depending on the facts provided. It’s also integrated into other fields such as businesses and law.


Why study political science.

Having the knowledge to govern an organization and be able to manage all the political activities is an added advantage to either a manager, chief of staff or a president in a country. The ability to be able to evaluate the strategic steps needed to implement an idea or integrate a new idea in an organization or a country depends on the knowledge you have.

Political science works by the establishment of facts, you have to first inquire all the possible facts about an agenda before arguing it in public, you should have a clear understanding of all the possible loopholes of questions to be asked. The first step in political science is establishing the facts and bounds. Then the next step you have to ask yourself the questions like; why should I prefer this to that, what is the importance of what am picking as compared to the other, this is by the use of causal mechanisms. A clear understanding of what you need and have acquired from your research gives you the first steps to a good political scientist.

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