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Organizational Psychology – Resources

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Organizational psychology focuses on how workers can work efficiently with each other to achieve the set targets. More often than not, it entails coming up with strategies that will ensure every worker relinquishes their full potential. The best way to have a workplace with efficient organizational psychology involves recruiting staff with training in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Programs in this field ensure that the psychologists assess individuals and
workplace dynamics and use research to identify workable solutions to various situations.

Job Titles for Industrial and Organizational Psychology
Organizational psychology programs give rise to vital employees who will help to enhance the performance of the workers thus lead to the attainment of corporate objectives. Such individuals will take job titles such as:
• Employee Trainer
• Human Resources Professional
• Consultant
• Talent Management Associate

Available Industrial and Organizational Psychology Programs
There are three levels of learning organizational psychology:
• Certificate Course
• Degree program
• Master’s Program

It is essential to prepare students to shape organizational behavior by taking them through rigorous units that will equip them with knowledge regarding organizational development. Students from high school can get to college where they will undertake a degree program in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. After this level, there are various masters programs that one can enroll to upgrade their organizational psychology knowledge. Fortunately, most of the colleges offer dual degrees by combining Industrial and Organizational psychology with legal studies.
At this point, a graduate has all the necessary expertise regarding human behavior to effectively advice an organization. Those already in employment can take online certificate programs in the discipline before proceeding to the higher levels.

Why study Industrial and Organizational Psychology?
There are many questions that organizations grapple with in a bid to stay on course and produce positive results. Most of these concerns are connected with the roles the employees play in achieving an entity’s vision. The area that creates the sync between management and the employees is Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Therefore, it is benefiting to study the discipline since many organizations will significantly need it in the future in areas related to:

Recruitment and selection of workers
The organizational psychologist will come up with tools to ensure that the organization gets the most appropriate person for a given task. In this regard, they come up with a job description, a hiring procedure, and screening tests to ensure only the best fill vacant job positions.

Employee Training and Development
The psychologists will assess the kind of skills each worker needs to perform well in a given department. In this manner, the professional will suggest strategies of getting the best out of each worker by matching their talents to the most appropriate work designation. Further, he or she advises on the most appropriate training programs for individual workers. Finally, the psychologist ensures that the managers understand the most appropriate ways of motivating the employees under their supervision.

Life Quality and Wellness
The industrial and organizational psychologist ensures that the employees find their jobs rewarding. In his manner, they come up with job roles that will not wear down the employee mentally or physically. Further, the professional suggest compensation programs and other benefits that will make every job position fulfilling to its occupant.

Performance Management
The psychologist will ensure that there is a right environment for an employee to deliver their best. Often, they will have to rely on ergonomics to ensure that the available equipment supports the achievement of objectives instead of limiting workers’ performance. Additionally, they consider how the current organizational structure could be impeding performance and suggest ways to correct the situation. In the end, the employees will be in a position to render their mandates fully as they will have the necessary resources and the right motivation.

An Industrial and organizational psychologist applies psychological concepts from research to shape the manner in which employees act while at work. This job holds the key to the success of many organizations in the future as the essential aspect of an organization’s performance is the state of mind of the employees.

The organizational psychologist will help the employees a great deal to love their work and put all the attention to it by ensuring that they are connected to tasks they can, and there is sufficient resources and goodwill from top management to support them.

    • Useful organizations
      Academy of Management


      leading professional scholarly association for management and organizations.
      American Society for Training & Development


      (ASTD) professional association for workplace learning.
      American Psychological Association


      (APA) is the scientific and professional organization that represents psychology in the United States.
      Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services


      (AGCAS) professional association of careers practitioners in higher education.
      British Psychological Society


      (BPS) representative body for psychologists and psychology in the UK.
      Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development


      (CIPD) professional body for human resource managers.
      Economic and Social Research Council


      (ESRC) news and reports from the UK’s leading research funding and training agency for economic and social sciences.
      European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology


      (EAWOP) promoting cooperation between professionals in Europe.
      European Group for Organizational Studies


      (EGOS) scholarly association furthering knowledge about organizations, organizing and the contexts in which organizations operate.
      European Network of Work & Organizational Psychologists


      (ENOP) includes details of papers presented at their symposia.
      Higher Education Academy: Business, Management, Accountancy and Finance


      and Higher Education Academy Psychology Network sharing good practice in teaching and learning.
      Industrial Psychology Research Centre


      specialists at the University of Aberdeen in the application of psychology to safety and performance in high reliability workplaces.
      Institute for Employment Studies


      (IES) research body for employment, labour market and HR policy and practice.
      International Labour Organisation (ILO) Key Indicators of the Labour Market


      statistics for labour force participation, employment, unemployment, education, hours of work, wages, productivity, poverty and income distribution
      International Society for Performance Improvement


      dedicated to improving productivity and the use of human performance technology.
      Manchester eResearch Centre


      computer-based infrastructure and tools for the social science research community.
      Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology


      division of the American Psychological Association dealing with scientific study of the workplace.
      Society for Human Resource Management


      the world’s largest association for HRM.
      Survey Resources Network


      good practice in survey research methods, funded by the ESRC.
      Trades Union Congress (TUC)


      trade union information, reports, employment law and links to the 58 affiliated trade unions.
      University of Sheffield: Institute of Work Psychology


      applied research in work settings, in both the public and private sectors.
      Work Foundation


      (formerly the Industrial Society) offers research and consultancy on improving the quality of working life.

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