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Mathematics and Statistics – Resources

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What are Mathematics and Statistics


A degree in Mathematics and/or statistics is quite broad and equips you with mathematical techniques and tools in either mathematical statistics, pure mathematics, and applied mathematics.


Mathematical statistics is mainly concerned with the development and use of probability and statistical methods. Statistical methods can be applied in a wide range of areas such as finance, medicine, science, and business. Basically, statistical methods help us simplify and understand data better.


Pure mathematics tools are used to prove theorems that illustrated by problems in computer science, physics, and engineering.

On the other hand, applied mathematics employs mathematics theories and statistics to understand issues in the real world.


Degrees in Mathematics have often been described as being extremely hard and elitist. The same can be said of statistics degrees. These assumptions have contributed greatly in scaring most people off. In fact, very few people even consider pursuing mathematics and statistics at a higher level. Additionally, most students looking for a degree major will opt for other degree programmes as opposed to mathematics and/or statistics.


There is, however, a simple way of approaching this course. Most people studying languages will tell you that the beauty of a language is not to be found in the grammar, but rather in poetry and literature. The same can be said of a BSC in mathematics and statistics. Level/basic mathematics, which comprise almost 90% of mathematics courses in high school and the first academic year of college can hardly be described as exciting. They should, however, be considered as a foundation on which to build a higher level of understanding. As you progress in mathematics and statistics, you soon discover the wide range of exciting possibilities it offers. The basic rules and calculations gradually become natural and instinctive as you progress. However, it is not be ignored that to successfully pass any mathematics course, one needs to put in lots of time and effort. Most professors advise that you study it full time, as it requires lots of practice and undivided attention.


Why study Mathematics and Statistics

There are numerous reasons as to why a course in Mathematics and Statistics would be an optimal choice for anyone seeking to pursue higher education or looking for a major.

As we dive deeper into the digital age, we continue creating huge volumes of data every day. The digital age has brought with it a new understanding of data and an extension, a new and intensified need for statistics. To draw accurate conclusions and theories from data, statistical methods are required. Statistical methods comprise of advanced mathematical ideas and computational techniques.


Simply put, Mathematics and Statistics graduates are equipped with numerous valuable skills that are required to develop and implement statistical methods used to interpret data. Additionally, Mathematics and Statistics graduates are equipped with problem-solving skills that are invaluable when it comes to drawing conclusions and forming critical theories from emerging data.


A degree in Mathematics and Statistics is also highly marketable. Recent studies show that 96% of mathematics and statistics graduates join the workforce 6 months after graduation, with majority diving into finance and insurance.


What you can do with a Mathematics and Statistics degree

There are numerous career paths you can pursue with a degree in Mathematics and Statistics including:


Marketing Manager

Financial Planner


Real estate investor


Bank Examiner

Investment manager


If you are in your final year in high school and are considering pursuing a degree in Mathematics and Statistics, then you should probably look up the entry requirements of your college of choice to ensure you qualify even before you apply. Remember, however, that studying Mathematics and Statistics requires tonnes of hard work and dedication.

    • Using the internet
      Teach yourself to use the internet


      The above will be of use if you want to improve or refresh your internet searching skills.
    • Discussion groups


      national academic mailing list service facilitating discussion, collaboration and communication within the UK academic community and beyond
    • Information gateways
      Aberystwyth University Media Studies


      Media studies department
      Intute – Arts and Humanities


      The Moving Image Gateway


      (MIG) produced by the BUFVC (British Universities Film & Video Council) – for websites that relate to moving images and sound and their use in higher and further education.
      PADS Performing Arts Data Service


      collects, documents, preserves and promotes the use of scholarly digital resources in music, theatre, dance, film, and the broadcast arts.
      Researching Cultural and Creative Industries in London


      (RCCIL) – an independent database of research on cultural and creative issues relevant to London. The database contains summaries of pieces of research together with bibliographical details and relevant links. The research can be browsed by theme, keyword, cultural/creative sector or London borough.
      Voice of the Shuttle: Media Studies


      for Humanities Research
      WWW Virtual Library Film History Index


      provides internet resources on the international History of Cinema from different approaches.
      WWW Virtual Library Communications and media


      provides internet resources on and for broadcasters, digital rights management, publishers and telecommunications.
    • Film and TV
      BBC Classic TV


      extracts of classic BBC TV and title sequence.
      BBC Nation on Film


      archival clips of a wide range of aspects of British life.
      BFI Live


      online video channel exploring film and TV culture. Discover exclusive interviews and expert insights. Unearth unique footage and forgotten favourites. Enjoy new outlooks and different perspectives.
      BFI Mediatheque


      list of films from the National Film and Television Archive which can be viewed for free on site at the BFI Southbank.


      bilingual internet forum for film and philosophy located at the University of Vienna (Austria)
      Capturing Reality – the art of documentary


      from the National Film Board of Canada, interviews with dozens of filmmakers discussing the art of the documentary, including Nick Broomfield, Malcolm Clarke, Werner Herzog and Kim Longinotto. Searchable by personality or subject category such as editing, sound, genre etc.
      Colonial Films


      This website holds detailed information on over 6000 films showing images of life in the British colonies. Over 150 films are available for viewing online. You can search or browse for films by country, date, topic, or keyword. Over 350 of the most important films in the catalogue are presented with extensive critical notes written by our academic research team. The Colonial Film project united universities (Birkbeck and University College London) and archives (British Film Institute, Imperial War Museum and the British Empire and Commonwealth Museum) to create a new catalogue of films relating to the British Empire. The ambition of this website is to allow both colonizers and colonized to understand better the truths of Empire.
      Creative Archive Licence


      (CLA)- the BBC, BFI , Channel 4 and the Open University set up the Creative Archive Licence Group in April 2005 to make their content available for download under the terms of the CLA, a single, shared user licence scheme for downloading of moving images, audio and stills.
      Cultural Diversity Network


      web site looking at cultural and ethnic diversity in broadcasting


      aims to provide an introduction to the first decade of motion pictures and the developments which help shape cinema as we know it today.
      Europa Film Treasures


      Watch hundreds of the treasures of European cinematographic heritage online. All genres and time periods are on the playbill! From comedy to science fiction, from westerns to animation, from erotic to ethnological movies. Also includes background about each film. Available in several languages. As the site notes, users may experience viewing difficulties due to high traffic. Developed by a film restoration company in collaboration with the legal successors (when they have been identified) and depositories.


      reviews of films and books with a philosophical perspective.
      Le Festival de Cannes


      Official site of the Cannes International Film Festival.
      Film Unlimited Preview


      Site maintained by the Guardian, with news, features, interviews and more.
      Film Festivals.com


      from Film Festivals Entertainment Group provides access to information on major film festivals worldwide.


      talking heads, interviews, lectures and presentations, etc., Advertising , Culture , Entertainment , Film , Journalism , New Media .


      Channel 4’s FourDocs site features hundreds of 4 minute documentaries from filmmakers around the world. In addition, its archive features a selection of documentary classics, including John Grierson, Humphrey Jennings, the Free Cinema group and Nick Broomfield – which can be viewed in full online. Click on a-z listing to browse the archive.
      German Cinema Inc


      Export-Union des Deutschen Films site, to promote German cinema, includes magazine, archive and news.
      Google Video


      search engine for online extracts of wide range of film and television extracts.
      Imperial War Museum Collections


      the online collections of the Museum.
      Independent Television News


      ITN’s Film Library.
      Internet Archive of film materials


      San Francisco based non-profit organisation. [To exit click on the downward arrow next to Back button and select previous page/pages to exit.]
      Latin American Cinema


      pages from the WWW virtual Film History library.
      Library of Congress, American memory Project


      historical film source of wide range of multimedia material of American history and culture.
      London Project: the birth of the film business in London




      resource for British based artists’ film and video with clips, new writings, past articles and biographies.
      Moving History: an online guide to UK film and television archives in the public sector


      Moving Image Source Research Guide


      is a gateway to the best online resources related to film, television, and digital media
      National Archives’ Learning Curve


      archival film material of British and world history. [To exit click on the downward arrow next to Back button and select previous page/pages to exit.]
      NewsFilm Online


      (NFO) Hours of [British] television news and cinema newsreels, taken from the huge collection of the ITN/Reuters archive … available online in high quality format for teaching, learning and research. Video clips cover 1920s to the present and are searchable or browsable by decade or by topic such as conflicts, disasters, lifestyle, science and technology, sports, and weather. Includes links to related sites. From the British Universities Film & Video Council.


      is a website where you can watch full-length documentary films for free. Locate and watch over 500 films from established heavyweights or first-time filmmakers on topics such as campus life, environment, health, history, international, life and culture, music and arts, politics, science and nature, sports and hobbies, and women’s issues. Movies include some commercials.


      online resource of avant garde films
    • Newspapers
      The Advertising Century


      Online version of a major project to chronicle the history of the era’s advertising industry. The years from 1900 to 1999 were, in fact, when the advertising business came of age. Features an introductory essay, lists of top 100 advertising campaigns (such as Volkswagen’s 1959 Think Small and the 1955 Marlboro Man), top 100 industry players, and top 10 jingles, slogans, and ad icons. Also includes a timeline back to the 1700s. From Advertising Age.
      Editor and Publishers


      News, industry information, research reports, and other selected media and publishing link
      Journalism Net


      Set of links to journalism resources including search engines, worldwide telephone directories, and reference sources such as databases, maps and books. Newspapers, online television, radio and news archives and country specific resources are also available.
      Journalism UK


      is aimed at print journalist writing for UK magazines or based in the UK
      Kidon Media-Link


      Links to 19,019 newspapers and other news sources from almost every country and territory in the world. Every country has integrated pages including newspapers, magazines, television, radio and news agencies.
      Online Newspapers


      Directory of newspapers from all over the world
      Newspaper, Journalism, and Media Internet Resources


      provides links to local, national, and international newspapers with content available online. Also offers listings of newspaper libraries and collections, departments of journalism and media studies, newspaper history resources, and other materials of interest to journalist; produced by the British Library
    • Radio
      Mercury Theatre on the Web


      Collection of sound recording taken from Mercury Theatre radio production of the 1930’s in RealAudio format.
      Radio Locator


      Lists over 3000 radio stations on the internet.
      World Radio Network


      Collection of RealPlayer broadcast providing 24 hour news on world events and information about arts and culture, music, sport, science and developmental issues
    • Ejournals
      Empire Online


      Encyclopedia of Television


      this is the first edition of the Encyclopedia of the Museum of Broadcast Communications available online. Edited by Horace Newcomb with contributions by academics, scholars and researchers.
      Jump Cut: A Review of Contemporary Media


      this non-sectarian left and feminist publication presents material on film, television, video and related media and cultural analysis. Looking at media in its social and political context. Published irregularly, but about once a year, it includes full text of all issues (back to 1974), analyzing media in relation to class, race, and gender . Covers topics such as China and the China diaspora film, horror films, new worlds of documentary, Internet today, and more.


      online journal. Reviews, interviews and informed analyses of film.


      online peer-reviewed online journal of film studies based at the University of Nottingham.


      guide to British film and TV history, with analysis, information and multimedia.
      Screening the Past


      an international refereed electronic journal of visual media and history.
      Senses of Cinema


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