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Management and Business Resources

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What do you look to gain from studying a business and management degree? In this article, we shall explore different aspects of business and management with a view of establishing the available prospects if you choose to take that career path.


What are Business and Management?

Business can be described as any form of trade where there is an exchange of goods and services with a view of making a profit. Business is a study that is closely intertwined with other disciplines such as law, economics, and ethics. Management, on the other hand, can be defined as the act of setting up goals and strategies for an organization and then using available resources to rally the human resource towards achieving this.


What Entails Business and Management Studies?

So what aspects of study make up a business and management degree? In business school, a business degree will normally cover a very wide area of study as well as a broad range of subjects such as entrepreneurial skills, economics, and accounting. A management degree typically starts out by introducing the student to general management theory so that there are no gaps when starting a career. Further, on more specialized subjects specific to the field of study are introduced for example research methods, human resource management or strategic management.


In the rapidly globalizing world, the ability to appreciate different cultures and speak other languages over and above the English language is very important.

More and more universities and business school are realizing this and giving their students the option of one year abroad placement opportunities.


Entry Requirements for Studying Business and Management.

If are looking to venture into a career in business and management, it is important for you to start academic preparations early prior to joining the university.

While not mandatory most high school offer students the opportunities to take related subjects such as business studies.


The admission team, however, have to look at your performance in the traditional subjects such as language, mathematics, and physics before they can approve your request to join a business and management degree. Math is important because you will need to scrutinise financial statements while language makes it possible to debate and craft a professional persona effectively.


What Next After a Degree in Business and Management?

With trade and finances being the lifeblood of the global economy a degree in the fields of business and management offers almost endless career possibilities.

A career in the stock market, banking, it industry, and real estate industry includes some of the more lucrative choices one can opt to venture into. Other sectors such as security, health, and education also offer good options worth considering.


Business and management studies offer transferable skills such as understanding how an organisation operates, communication, self-reliance, initiative and the ability to manage time – just to name a few. These can be effectively leveraged by the more entrepreneurial of the students to come up with successful businesses from scratch

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