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Journalism – Resources

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What is journalism?


Journalism is a very reputable degree course that equips learners with vital skills and knowledge on how to collect, asses and present information through the

media platform. It sharpens the learners’ eloquence and empowers him/her with the fundamental skills of communication and interaction.

Why study journalism.


A journalism degree is a very good course that can easily be pursued by any above average student. Its entry requirements are not as high as those of other courses yet after completion there are so many jobs in journalism. It is very broad, and the chances of a student getting work placement are usually very high.


Most students who pursue this degree course are often sharper and very versatile making it a very competitive course in every top university. Whether you are a regular student, a part-time student or taking it through distance learning, you have the potential of earning a very good income once you are done with your four years studies. While in school you can sharpen your wits and broaden your understanding further by working part-time or posting reliable campus news to your fellow students through social media. This is exactly why anyone should take journalism without thinking twice.


Potential places to seek work as a journalist.

With the appropriate papers and credentials, you can start from anywhere and easily climb up the ladder if you put in the required efforts. A grandaunt can work in the public relations department, he/she can also work in the media industry as a news anchor a reporter or a news director. This field is often very broad, and the best part is that you can easily fit anywhere with a journalism degree. Those seeking extra income can write articles for newspapers and magazines. The fact is that it’s very easy to land your first job if you have a journalism and media degree. You don’t necessarily have to work for news organizations; there are so

many open slots in many places that a journalist can easily fill.


Journalism industry has brought forth so many prominent people with different skills and abilities. It is the only course that can easily enable you to have a conversation with presidents, prime ministers, queens and some of the most influential people in the world. With the correct skills and hard work, you can easily create a name for yourself and a connection like no other.

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