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Written by: ValG2018

The Ins And Outs Of English Studies


The benefits of learning English are never ending. Even a well written book might fall short of listing all of them at the same time. Currently, there are approximately 1.5 billion people in the world that are able to speak in English. It is the most profound and single most significant language in the world today. Therefore, besides the English speaking countries, the other countries as well have made it a default choice of common language.

It is simply not just a medium of communication today. It is the bed rock on which nearly all the sectors depend and feed from. Starting from the computer programming languages and different software tools to the most important books in Arts and Technology to guides and user manuals, everything seems to have an inevitable connection with English.

Reasons to learn English Language

Let us have a look at some of the most significant reasons why you should take up English studies.

It increases your employment chances – Just knowing English opens up a plethora of employment opportunities for you, even if you don’t have any other skill. It is a fundamental prerequisite for most of the employment opportunities. You might say that the world is biased towards English in this regard. But let’s face it; the world cannot do without English at this time. It is the undeclared global language that rules the world.

Even for doing higher studies in science or arts, you would have to inevitably cross paths with English and master it to be successful in your endeavor. To successfully negotiate business transactions and communications across the globe, English is paramount. For successfully accessing the internet, browsing it and harnessing it, knowledge of English is mandatory.

Immigration benefits – Just having the knowledge of English is a prerequisite for getting into a number of countries including United States. Without passing the English test, you won’t be allowed to become a citizen at all.

Keeps your brain and memory going – It has been proven in studies that continuously using English in verbal and written communication significantly activates your brain and keeps it sharp. Even when you are learning English for the first time, your brain works out to acquire the new skill.

Great language for travel and tourism purposes – With the simple knowledge of English, you could travel almost all across North America. USA as well as Canada and UK have open doors for you if you can study English and master it.

Higher studies in best schools – English is essential if you want to get into some of the best schools in the world like MIT, Oxford, Stanford, Harvard, Cambridge etc. If you do not know English, you can still get into one of these, but your job becomes that much more difficult.

Reasons To Study English Major

Simply learning the English language has short term and immediate benefits that can be perceived instantly. However, taking up major in English study is slightly different in terms of the long term benefits and richness or experience it provides. Some of the greatest poets and writers in the history of the world have been in English. Taking inspiration from the writings of William Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Faulkner, Whitman and Milton in your spare time alone, can fill you up with a profound knowledge of life itself.

The sheer joy that you get out of their writings is incomparable. To succeed in English majors, you may roll up in a school such as Institute of English-Studies (IES), Centre of English-Studies (COES) etc.

Some of the benefits of English Majors course are encapsulated as follows.

Creativity and Critical thinking – In whatever profession you may be working in, if you have an English majors background, the level of creativity and critical thinking skills are most likely to stand out.

You will be better equipped to solve problems creatively in case you are in a technical field. If you are in a much human oriented profession, you would be able to understand the emotional and human side of people easily.

Persuasive powers – An English graduate will definitely have unmatched powers of persuasion when compared with graduates of other fields of study.

Harmony with all the different point of views- Students with an English Majors background are more aesthetically prepared and stable for making decisions.
If there is a situation where they need to acknowledge the alternate viewpoint, they will definitely do that. We can also say that they are better equipped to handle their emotions and egos and prevent them from getting the better of them.

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