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Iberian and Latin American Studies

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A Guide and Overview on Iberian and Latin American Studies


The Iberian and Latin American culture boast some of the greatest influences on the globalized world as a whole. Spanning from Spain and Portugal to America and the Caribbean, the culture has become daily life for millions of people across the world. Keep reading to get an overview of Latin American studies and where this culture originated from.


Where the Iberian People and Culture Originated

From Beginning as simple hunter-gatherers of prominent Celtic tribes of central Europe, these tribes began to work their way into the southwestern part of Europe. The greatest of these tribes were the Turdetani and Bastetani. Living very close to Greek settlements, the tribes became heavily influenced by Greek culture. When comparing Greek and Iberian studies, a noticeable similarity is shared in the arts and humanities aspect of both cultures.


Muslim Conquest and Medieval Times of the Iberian Peninsula

Becoming the victim of a fast-growing Muslim empire, Spain lost its country to Moorish troops that beat a nearly defenseless army and took over the capital of Toledo. With Spain now becoming the Emirate of Damascus, the territory was divided among various different Moorish invaders. Some 50 years later, a growing Christian civilization called the Kingdom of Asturias began in the north and began gaining territory in the south that eventually led to the Spanish

ruling their own country once again.


The Conquest of a New World

According to the Institute of Latin American Studies, on a relentless quest for gold and silver, the explorer Christopher Columbus and his crew stumbled upon the island of Hispaniola. Taking over the Aztec and Inca empire brought Spain to the forefront of trading in the world, allowing them to establish a profitable trading empire that built business relationships with many European nations.


A Transformation of the New World’s Culture

The new Spanish conquistadors brought with them a culture that was the total opposite of Central and South American empires. The arrival of Christianity brought a mission with the goal of turning the natives away from what was considered their savage religion. Schools were established to teach native children European customs and ethics that brought a new generation of natives that were culturally European. It was these simple events at the beginning that brought about the development of Latin America as it is today.


Whether you are a Latin Americanist or student, having a basic understanding of the discussion research and teaching can help you have a better understanding of the western world that we live in. A subject area filled with fun and interesting topics, Iberian studies make for an exciting subject of research. Fostering intellectual discussion research of this area of expertise is a must for any history novice.

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