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History of Art Resources

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What is art history?


History of Art is a complex discipline that studies the pieces or objects in History and the meaning, they can take. It also explores the creative process of the artists during the creation of a specific piece or object and his importance through time. This discipline is very important in our current society and culture industry and can also be linked to modern art including painting sculpture architecture. History of Art is one of the most interesting disciplines that we can

study. Many people choose to learn more about art history at University.


Why study and learn art history?


There are plenty of good reasons to start studying art history and especially in school. First, it’s a great way to learn more about the art and culture and works of art by famous painters. Leonardo da Vinci is one of the most important figures in the art world history, but many people don’t know how he came to his ideas and why he chooses to paint the famous portrait of Mona Lisa or where the Vitruvian Man comes from. Another good reason to start the study of art is to

appreciate art even more after. Knowing everything about art objects will expand your knowledge and then a wide range of possibilities will be available for you in the job market. You will be able to work in a museum of modern art and be an expert in visual arts.


One final very good reason is that learning more about art is really important. A lot of people said that art is something useless but this is not the case. We can all agree that our life without music, cinema, painting, or theater would be very boring. Studying art history is a good way to study humanity. By studying it, we find a sense to life and inspiration for our future.


This was a brief look about History of Art and why it’s so important to study and learn more about this great discipline. Many people are interested in art since the Renaissance in the 15th century. Art will always continue to grow and evolve and it’s an important part of who we are as humans today. Learning more about it is a great way to pay tribute to those who fought to make room for arts in the first place.

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