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History, Classics And Archeology

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As technological progress grows ever stronger, certain academic fields get emptier. A lot of people feel drawn to the future, to modernity and to what’s next for humanity. Why should we study history? Well, in this sea of students and companies going forward, it’s easy to lose sight of what got all of us here, and the lessons that can be learned from our past.


The Study of Men

Archaeology, by definition, is a field of study that aims to understand prehistory and on a larger scale human history through excavating ancient sites and analyzing whatever is found there (artifacts, remains, etc.). While this may not evoke much more than sitting in the dust to most people, it’s still a very active and existing career path that many would enjoy. Students who passed classics A levels and/or aim for a classics degree could definitely find themselves in that

field. Similar to the study of history or anthropology, archaeology studies are a way to teach ourselves about the present by looking at the past, except with more field work and less theory. Professional historians need the help of archaeologists to have material basis to their understanding of history, and classics graduate have a long future ahead of them collaborating with archaeologists to reconstruct a fleeting past. Archaeology is a great compromise between classics and ancient history, for the people who want to go against the current and explore the earth instead of space.


What To Do With An Archaeology Degree?


Many people think that an archaeology degree limits the graduate to being an archaeologist. A common misconception, it’s actually untrue. Many career paths are opened with that degree, including but not limited to conservator, heritage manager, as well as a lot of jobs in museums across the world such as a gallery curator or museum exhibition officer. An archaeology degree can also be combined with related studies like ancient languages, history or classics. The degree can be of use in any job related to tourism, archival of ancient materials, and even cartographer.

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