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German Studies Resources

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The Significance Of German Studies




In a globalised world, knowledge of one language is inadequate for personal or career life. However, it can be daunting to choose a language to study amongst the wide range of languages in the world offered at schools.


Here is an overview of German as a foreign language learnt as part of German studies and reasons why German studies is a good choice.




German Studies is a field of study that research and documents facts about German language, its history and culture as well as literature. While there are other benefits of undertaking German studies, the most significant benefit of this course is the knowledge of German language.


German language is now the 3rd most popular language on the internet and it is fast becoming a popular choice for international students seeking to learn a second language. There are over 100 million German native speakers spread across the globe, increasing to 200 million when speakers of German as a foreign language are added. German language is the official language in Germany, Belgium, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Austria, and Luxembourg. As a written language, there is uniformity in German grammar with difference in German word spelling as in British and American English. However, there are varying dialects in spoken German with difference in the sound systems classified as a High or Low German. While so many people have expressed difficulty in learning German language, below are a few reasons why you should overlook such comments and be more determined in learning German.


Reasons to Learn German Language


  1. To Increase Your Competitive Advantage In The Employment Market


While employers look out for a foreign language skill, a German skill put you above others with another foreign language skill. Other than international organisations such as, the United Nations (UN) or the International Labour-Organisation (ILO), that look out for applicants with German language skill, more businesses are now looking out to employ candidates with German skill because of the large investment prospect in the economy of German-speaking countries.


  1. Migration Purposes


German-speaking countries with high Standard of living such as Switzerland and Luxembourg are now popular destinations for migrants. But a skill in German language is a minimum requirement for migrating to these German-speaking countries. Knowing German increases chances of gaining residency in these countries.


  1. Enjoyable Travels


Travelling is more interesting when you are able to communicate with local people. Inability to communicate basic things such as the food you want to order or request direction to a place you want to go can be frustrating. Knowledge of German language is therefore crucial for enjoyable travel to German-speaking countries.


  1. Studying And Funding


German-speaking countries, especially Germany, is now an attractive destination for graduate or undergraduate studies in Europe due to the attractive scholarships offered by the Government and the prospect for gaining residency at the end of degree programs. A skill in German makes student life and subsequent adaptation to work easy.


  1. Research


As more and more German speakers become prolific in writing, more German literature is produced yearly. Also, results from online search for books or articles are written in German. Knowledge of the German language will give you access to a vast majority of these books and articles.


  1. Easy Support In Learning German Language


A plus for enrolling in German studies as a University degree program is the wide range of learning support available. Materials and resources are accessible on the web or in institutions such as the Goethe Institut.


  1. Knowledge Of German Rich Cultural Heritage


Cultural heritage greatly influences a writer’s work. Knowing German allows you to have access to the works of German literature writers in its original language without any distortion from translation and to fully understand the culture buried in those writings.




Are you still contemplating what foreign language to learn? German is a viable option for you. You will surely get a great return for your investment in learning German language.

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