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Geography Resources

Introduction to Geography


Geography is the focused study of places and the direct/indirect relationships between the place’s environment and its inhabitants or lack thereof.


Geography is a very important social science that assists us in understanding and explaining different types of natural environments, the occurrence of natural resources and the overall effect of these natural elements on human societies. Each and every literate mind has a general idea of what geography is because most education systems across the globe try to tackle a little on the subject in the early stages of school. But to clearly answer what is geography we must understand what the field of study aims to achieve, which is the comprehension of the wide range of natural environments, their origin and development over years.


Ancient Geography


Initially coined in Greek, geography refers to writings of the earth. The Greeks used geography to understand their homeland location in relation to the rest of the world. Other people also had questions regarding their location boundaries and the existence of natural landforms with many of them just like the Greeks going further map out their habitats and territories. Ancient geography required exploration and worldwide travel.


Modern Geography


Modern geographers have a wider scope of the discipline which now encompasses many topics such as people, settlements, politics, and culture. The modern age in geography also saw the success in mapping out the entire globe with use of high-tech satellites that can capture images of highly inaccessible locations.


Why is Geography Important


Geography is important as it helps us understand the Earth, its seasons, landforms, atmosphere and climate. This geography field known as physical geography is very important to grasping this basic information about our environments to adjust ourselves accordingly, for example, understanding the relationship between the earth and the sun.


Geography study also helps us understand current events in climate change and how different types of geographical locations affect the availability of natural resources and human activities.

Studying geography not only allows an opportunity for the study of different locations and their physical characteristics but also gives geographers a clear mental pictorial map for different environmental zones and boundaries.


A geography degree graduate has a very wide groundwork for a range of career opportunities. Important skills gained in geography courses equip geography students with qualitative knowledge applicable in any field requiring data collection and analysis.


Recent studies have revealed the geographers are amongst the most employable graduates today. A degree in geography will equip you with a good set of analytical and research skills, which are the kinds of skill any employer will appreciate.


Career opportunities for Geography enthusiasts There are numerous career opportunities for geography students that can be divided into two categories i.e. Conservation and Tourism.


Geography is a subject that encompasses so many aspects of the world that we live in.

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