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Gender studies – Resources

Definition of Gender Studies

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Put simply, gender studies is a field of study that devotes itself entirely to the analysis of gender identity and gendered representation. It can also be referred to as sexuality studies. Gender studies also include women’s studies-which is basically studies revolving around gender, women, politics and the feminist theory. The field of gender studies also incorporates the study of gender relations, men and queers. It can be categorized as a social science, though there is still debate going on about that.

Why should I study it?

This is a question asked by any college student when picking out a course or a major. When it comes to gender studies, the question to ask should be why not study it’. This is because the course offers its students a wide range of benefits.

There is a common belief that gender and women studies only benefit women and women’s rights. This is, of course, a highly publicized misconception. This misconception is also highly fueled by the fact that most people have greatly misunderstood and mis-conceptualized the feminist theory. Gender studies mainly teaches students how to identify and oppose oppression, through critically reviewing theories and adopting a new way of viewing things, from all possible angles. The field also branches out into other areas where oppression is highly present, such as sexism, class difference, exploitation, and sexism. Additionally, gender studies takes on the rigid task of helping us gain an accurate perception of our history.

The same way that a biology or economics course helps learners understand the living or financial world around them, women’s and gender studies equip learners with tools to comprehend the blunt and implied roles that gender plays in our day to day lives. Students get to examine the complexities of gender-from current affairs, feminist theory, history- and it is through this that they understand gender’s Herculean effect and its nature.


Whether you decide to get a gender studies degree or to become a gender studies major, you can be assured that it is one of the best decisions you will make. Should you be interested in the course, simply find out the entry requirements of your college of choice. You can also visit a center for gender studies in any college to learn more about the course and how its taught. Students already enrolled in a gender studies course should consider joining a gender studies association to make their learning experience more worthwhile.

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