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French Studies – Resources

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French studies is a program tailored at developing a communicative competence in speaking the French language and understanding of the fundamental entities of France as a nation. French is one of the languages used in international forums and organisation such as the UN and the European Union. It is spoken in more than 43 countries across the world. Apart from attaining proficiency in speaking, writing, listening and reading French language under French studies you also learn about French culture in France and other French-speaking countries across the world.


This major is available for beginners to near-native speakers and can be combined with other Majors such as Commerce, Arts and Sciences.



  1. Career Asset.

Apart from English and German, it’s one of the languages taught and used on the international stage hence learning it not only enriches you but also opens you up to new horizons increasing the chances of one landing a job.


  1. Opens one to a versatile cultural Universe.

It’s a language of culture and by studying it one opens up into worlds of arts films fashion science and gastronomy. Also, it offers access to the works of great minds such as Charles Baudelaire.


  1. Offers you a chance to visit Paris and the rest of France and even study there. With the ability to speak the French language it’s easier to move around the country and interact with the people.


  1. It is a language that opens up the world.


The general objective of French studies is to empower you with the ability to communicate fluently in French and fit well in the French-speaking world. All this is made possible through studying aspects of French cultures including literature film theater translation travel writing food and wine immigration and identity.

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