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Film and television studies is somewhat a new subject area considering the fact that the film industry really came into its own in the last hundred years and like most creative industries, it is driven by technological advancement. These improvements are spread across the breadth of industry related disciplines like film and television production, an adaptation of the moving image among other aspects of the production process driven by improving technical skills through independent research.


As a result, a diverse array of films as well as television-related courses have been created by industry professionals to bridge the gap between theory and practice and ensure that the innovation that drives the film and television industry is kept alive. These degrees are awarded by certified institutions with seasoned industry professionals incorporating art and design into the framework of creative industries and preparing students for a career in an exciting creative



Here are some major film and television courses and studies that have become increasingly relevant in the industry.


Film and Television Production


This is a practical television degree program that provides students with a thorough and global perception of the film and television industry including globally accepted standards and the latest technological improvements. It covers screenwriting, production management, idea development and a practical, result oriented research project into which work experience is embedded to help individuals launch successful careers in the film and television world.

It is open to students with the English language as their native language and international students who are interested in the industry.


Animation Techniques and Production


The constantly evolving nature of the film and television industry is clearly evident in the improving nature of visuals on display in movies and motion pictures.


Many science fiction movies employ complex animation, stop motion, 2D capture among other techniques and this is covered under the animation techniques and production course with industry based professionals providing the required knowledge and instruction about the process of creating and producing animations for different genres in creative industries.


Bachelor of Filming and Televisions


This is an undergraduate bachelor’s degree awarded by certified universities and colleges to scholars who have mastered the art of films, and television production, film making, directing, sound, cinematography, lightnings as well as typography. It is a comprehensive film and television study that serves as a solid foundation for anyone who is yet to experience the reality of the film and television industry and is considering a career in this area in the nearest future.


These courses and degrees are becoming increasingly relevant in today’s film industry because of the need to constantly keep up with rapidly changing trends, technologies, and techniques employed by industry professionals to produce high-quality movies, animated films and other creative visual projects.


There is no better time to get involved in the industry due to the pace at which it is moving compared to the progress made in the last half-century. The avenues for learning and acquiring relevant skills are numerous and the horizon keeps expanding thereby providing more access to these opportunities.


However, like most creative industries, the skills picked up can be adopted by the individual to suit their creative imagination as they embark on their own journey within the film and television industry guided by the practical teachings of the professionals that have contributed enormously to make the industry what it is today.

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