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Earth and Planetary Sciences – Resources

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Planetary science is the research of the solar systems, the seven planets and the moon on how they came to existence. The research comprises the history, what composes the objects and their sizes. The study incorporates fields such as geochemistry, cosmochemistry, atmospheric science, exoplanety, glaciology, oceanography, hydrology and space physics.

The planetary scientist learns about the outer space environment through the help of the robotic spacecraft in the space. The robotic spacecraft use remote sensing to gather data about the planetary system. The planetary science research is being done extensively by universities and other allied institutions.


What is Earth Science


Geoscience is a branch of planetary science. It is the study of the earth planet and the atmosphere. It researches about the climate, floods, fossils, earthquakes, and rain. Earth planetary science has four majors which are lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, and biosphere.

Geoscience helps the scientists to understand the earth and its surroundings. The earth scientists interpret the impact of humans doings, help people to be prepared in case of earthquakes and floods and locate mineral resources. Due to the geosciences affecting our daily lives it touches on various subjects. You have to comprehend geography, chronology, physic, chemistry, biology, and mathematics to be an earth scientist. Thus you can be a meteorologist, hydrologist, seismologists or geologists. An earth scientists explore the mountains, caves, and oceans to collect data for research.


The Importance Of Studying Earth And Planetary Science


Climate Change

Humans activities are the cause of climate change. The pollution of the atmosphere and erosion of the ozone layer is causing global warming. The use of coal and oil to generate energy is resulting in negative effects of the earth. Therefore, the earth scientists have to explore and discover new sources of energy. The sources of energy have to be clean. As a result, negative climate change will reduce.



There is an increase of calamities on planet earth. Everyday news inform there is some region being affected by floods, hurricanes, landslides, earthquakes and volcano eruption. Scientists’ researches help people be prepared before the calamities occur. Their prevention will guard us from any loss of lives or property.


Mineral Resources and Metals

There is a lot to discover in the earth and outer space. Humans need new minerals to store energy, strong and durable metals to construct structures such as bridges to withstand earthquakes.


Planets Composition

Scientists have to study whether other planets can support human life. All planets are not the same. Most planets do not have an atmosphere and are too far from the Sun. Earth, Venus, and Mars are the only ones with a considerable atmosphere. Only the planet Mars can support human-life like the Earth does.

It is important to research more about the planets and their surroundings. The universities and state institutions studying planetary and earth science should be given get more funds for their development.

When more powerful spacecraft are built we will collect more data and discover more. The data will help scientists to know more about the formation and composition of the planets.


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