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Development Studies Resources

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What Is Development Studies


Development studies are the study of the results of dynamic economies to planning, and consequences of social, political and economic policies of third and fourth worlds. The study examines the effects of globalization in both north and south countries. The field of international development studies emerged after the second world war. During these period most countries were gaining their independence. The president of the United States of America Harry Truman in 1949 in his inauguration speech commenced the talks of international development. He stated that most people of the third world countries lived in extreme poverty, hunger-stricken, infested with diseases and their economy is stagnant. He led the research to relieve poverty in these countries so that the prosperous ones should not be affected.


The field of international studies has led to the creation of development theories such as modernization theory, world system theory or sustainable development. Governments led institutions, and non-governmental bodies both have dived into the international development studies. Most graduates can be employed by organizations such as United Nations, USAID, Australian International Development Assistance Bureau, World Bank, the European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes.


Entry Requirements

Development studies are mostly offered as masters degrees. Few universities offer it as an undergraduate degree. For the master’s programme, you have to have a bachelors degree in the following fields: development studies, economics, political science, biology, teaching, anthropology, resource management, journalism, and geography. Also, degrees with relevance in social science because development study is a branch of the discipline. The applicant has to be proficient in English.


Importance to Study Development Studies



As the world continues to fight poverty more people need to research and come up with new ways to eradicate poverty. The students should have the know-how and have research designs with more efficient ways to eradicate poverty. With the sustainable development in place the third world countries should be shown the ways of how to implement the development policy. The policy should help in changing the economies positively.


Human Rights

All human beings should enjoy equal human rights. The development theory should help in the implementation of policies to attain the goal. The rights have to include economic rights, social rights, civil rights, political rights, and political rights. All the rights will lead to the realization of development in both north and south countries. The development studies will educate how the equality in rights when implemented will lead to more in better development. It will show the

benefits to citizens having food, clean water, health, and gender equality.


Global Food Security

Food shortage is a major problem facing the world. Nearly half population experience inadequate food supply. There is increased malnutrition and obesity cases. Climate change has led to environmental degradation which has caused famine. Development studies will help on how to mitigate food security issue.

The understanding of complex issues in the research will help in decoding problems facing the sector.

More research methods will be studied to help in sustainable development in the world mostly in the third world.

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