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Computer Science

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Everything today is designed in a way that it can be operated by a computer. This is an era described as the digital age where everything such as shopping, booking, socializing and addressing meetings is all done through technology. This has led to the increase study in computer science.

What is computer science?

It is a generalized study in the programming, engineering and designing of computers and their use. It can be divided into hardware and software: the hardware deals with the

outputs that the computers produce when given a specific task while the software explains the different processes that computers undergo to perform a specific task.

Computer science can be categorized into:

Artificial intelligence which includes robotics, game developing, machine learning, deep learning, data science and data analytics.

Software engineering which includes web development, application development, operating systems upgrade and computer software development build and integration.

Information technology that includes the security systems, data backup and recovery systems and data storage.

Networking where an entire institution is able to communicate and use the same resources without any delays.

Why study computer science?

The ability to understand what you are doing with your computer every day, the security measures you need and how faster and easier you can work makes you have a better understanding on the problems you can encounter and how fast you can fix them.

Artificial intelligence is the ability of a computer to use various algorithms to perform tasks like a human being does. Its introduction today has made work easier as it can be used to predict stock markets to bus tickets.

Medical facilities, institutions, security systems and business have all integrated information technology in their day to day activities. This reduces the amount of time to retrieve and apply data needed. Studying computer science gives you knowledge on the best mechanisms you should apply.

Today when most of the shopping is done online, businesses want to sell their products on the internet using websites.

Before studying computer science you have to understand if you are taking it as a hobby or a future job. As discussed earlier computer science is a wide area and choosing what to study before enrolling should be one of your priorities. Whenever you are hesitating, just consult with department of computer science at the educational institution of your choice.

Computer science courses

Some of the short hardware courses offered are networking and information communication technology. The software courses can vary from programming languages such as html, java, python, c++ and Php, and statistics. You can also study the entire computer science as a course prior to selecting a specific subsection. This gives you the knowledge to integrate all the information and is commonly known as full stack developer.

After choosing the course you want to take, apply for the courses in your preferred school. This courses can be done online or physically depending on your schedule.

If you are a student in high school who wants to study computer science familiarize yourself with the basics before getting into college as it makes understanding easier when not learning from scratch.

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