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Community, Voluntary Sector and Youth Studies


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Working with children and young people is one of the most rewarding opportunities there is, provided you have the experience and knowledge to deliver what they need. Studying youth studies in the right learning environment can help equip you for the real world and spending time with young people and adults who may need additional support and care in their everyday lives.

The voluntary and community sector is built to help people and there are many career paths in this field. While many people may not even be sure where to take their experiences, the sector attracts a lot of people who have talents in social sciences and the arts, but it welcomes people from many backgrounds who seek to study and gain professional qualifications making them suitable to work effectively in the voluntary sector, whether that’s doing youth work, in social care or in many other rewarding roles.


What is the Voluntary and Community Sector?


The voluntary and community sector is made up of third-party organisations, usually with no or little link to the government, who operate on a non-profit basis.

All organisations provide some level of help or care to their community or to a particular group in need. Choosing to get a higher education can equip you for a decision-making role in the voluntary sector, set you up for a position as a youth worker and give you the tools and study skills necessary to support children and young people. It is not for everyone but there are many pathways within the sector which make it an exciting prospect for many students.


Why Study Community, Voluntary Sector and Youth Studies?


There are many reasons a student may be drawn to this area of study including:


  1. You’re a People Person

If you’ve always enjoyed working with people, then jobs in this sector put you on the frontline. If you thrive off helping others and helping them deal with contemporary issues and concerns they may be facing, then exploring the youth studies courses out there is a great idea.


  1. You Like Change and Variation

No two days are the same once you begin a career in youth work, social care or similar settings. The range of activities in your everyday work will be massively varied and there are always opportunities for growth and development in the voluntary and community sector.


  1. For Transferable Skills

The life and study skills you develop both on your youth studies course and when you begin work are invaluable. Key skills such as time management, supervision, problem solving, presenting and fundraising are all developed both as you study, on work placement and when you find a role after you graduate.


  1. You Can Incorporate your Passion

If you have a particular talent, hobby or passion, youth or social work gives you the opportunity to use this in your job. You can enthuse children and young people with your artistic skills or find a way of engaging the community in sports and fitness activities. In all instances the focus is providing an improvement to the lives of those you are working with, and there is no reason your hobby or passion can’t be part of this.


Studying Community, Voluntary Sector and Youth Studies really does offer a world of opportunities for everybody including international students. You’re entering a highly rewarding sector where you learn the ability to actively change lives for the better.


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