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Healthcare, A Right or A Privilege

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The rich benefiting from healthcare being a privilege

Wealthy individuals benefit from cutting-edge technology in healthcare since they have the ability to pay for it. Therefore, they benefit from healthcare being a privilege by having access to top-tier healthcare, which enables them to mitigate illnesses and improve their quality of life. Healthcare as a privilege for the rich allows them to receive prompt care for their health issues allowing for easy mitigation and improvement of their health conditions. Considering their financial resources, the rich benefit from healthcare privileges by not having to wait in line since they can access top-tier services (Callaghan, Callaghan, & Jogee, 2019).

An excellent example of how the rich benefit from healthcare privileges is how they are given priority to experimental treatments despite the long waiting lists; they receive extended privileges of health since they are financially capable of catering to the costs of treatments as opposed to their poor counterparts. Apart from the ‘red carpet treatment at healthcare facilities, the rich benefit from it being a privilege through unlimited access and availability of healthcare (Callaghan, Callaghan, & Jogee, 2019). Wealthy individuals manage their health complications using the most effective approach and not available or insurable approaches; the advantages of these privileges make them able to utilize referral services to seek the best healthcare services.

Moreover, since money can buy health, the rich benefit from this privilege by eschewing health complications that plague the poor such as waterborne diseases, they also benefit by receiving services in less crowded since only a tiny percentage of the population can get access to the services.

The poor benefiting from healthcare being a privilege

The healthcare privileges that the poor benefit from include Medicaid. The poor receive healthcare privileges for having a low income by utilizing the government-sponsored program. These benefits constitute payment for hospitalization, doctor services, nursing, and laboratory services, among others (Heller, 2019). Therefore, the poor receive partial payment for some of the expensive services in the hospital, facilitating their access to healthcare. This privilege is only available to individuals with limited income, indicating how the poor benefit from healthcare as a privilege. Additionally, there are more healthcare privileges that individuals benefit from if they remain poor. Medicare reduces the severity of poverty for older adults with limited income by covering most of their healthcare services like Medicaid (Heller, 2019).

The poor benefit from these government programs by providing insurance to individuals who would have otherwise been uninsured and lack health care. In other words, they benefit from health care privileges that their middle-income and high-income individuals cannot. Therefore, the low-income individuals receive healthcare at a subsidized price enabling them to direct their financial resources to other plans helping reduce poverty in the country (Heller, 2019). Additionally, they benefit from being able to utilize other public health insurance benefits, which enables them to improve their quality of life.

Further, poor individuals benefit from health as a privilege since they enjoy regular advanced healthcare applications at reduced prices. Low-income individuals also benefit from government policies that promote the achievement of healthcare goals by considering the needs of the poor when determining healthcare billing and pricing regulations.


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