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Country: United States of America (USA)

University: University Of The People

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This course is designed to help students improve their English language, reading, and writing abilities as a basis for their academic studies at UoPeople. The modules cover a wide variety of texts and genres with the goal of improving students’ knowledge and comprehension of academic discourse. Each lesson also emphasizes the gradual improvement of reading, grammar, writing, and test-taking abilities. All students who have been considered for provisional admission as a non-degree student and have not shown English competence must take this course. To fulfill the English language competence requirement at UoPeople, students must get a grade of 73 percent or above in the course.


University of the People
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Violet Wave
Violet Wave
17:22 04 Dec 21
I am currently in my second year at UoPeople HS. People's University has gave me opportunities I never imagined were p... ossible and allowed me to experience things I never thought I'd do, as well as providing me with high-quality and excellent materials.The institution does an excellent job of incorporating each student into campus life.It. I've been able to try new things, meet new people, and learn about something I'm quite interested in.Am glad to be part of this university.read more
Erika Castellanos
Erika Castellanos
12:03 30 Nov 21
University education can be very difficult to access for some of us. Many factors influence the barriers to higher... education. These can be financial, time commitment but can also be as a result of multiple other factors. As a trans person I have first hand experience of how difficult it can be to complete your higher education. In some countries we can't even apply and issues like access to legal gender recognition can be a huge barrier. In some instances being in a physical space results in experiences of stigma and discrimination because of who we are. That is why I love UoPeople. It gives me the opportunity to achieve my life-long dream to complete my higher education from the safety of my home. Dreams do come true!read more
Daniel A. Swank
Daniel A. Swank
15:57 13 Nov 21
University of the People has allowed me the opportunity to receive additional instructional education in a format that... adjusts to my lifestyle. I am an early morning person which enables me to accomplish tasks often times before most people get out of bed. The curriculum timetable allows me to work ahead for weekly assignments and keeps me on schedule with a calendar reminder. The instruction and education, however, are the greatest advantage to this online university. I have been both challenged and encouraged by the peer review and group participation format of the classes. The textbook material and required assignments have been clearly presented and practically formulated. I am half way through the MBA program and am looking forward accomplishing my degree. Thank you to the staff and administration for providing me the opportunity to advance my business knowledge and skillset!Kindest Regards,Danread more
Samia Ahmad
Samia Ahmad
13:04 13 Nov 21
“University of people has provided me with high quality and amazing facilities and I have a great social life here. The u... niversity’s great at integrating every student into university life. I wouldn't change anything.It has opened doors that I never thought were available and let me experience things I never thought I would. I have been able to try new things and make new friends as well as discover knowledge in something I am so interested in.”read more
Ebere Eboh
Ebere Eboh
15:04 10 Nov 21
I have just been admitted as a Degree Student in the Master's of Business Administration program after successfully... completing my foundation courses. i can boldly say that University of the people is place to be for every student. it is indeed the education revolution where the students are from all over the globe. The Instructors are masters in their fields and the peer assessment is one method to be explored. Some highlights are: Experienced volunteering professors, no payments for courses, textbooks, or enrolment. Tuition is totally free, just some small fees for course assessments, which totals US$100 for undergraduate programmes and US$200 for graduate programs. This means a full bachelor’s degree can be got for only $4,000. And there are scholarships and other freebies available.read more
Wanda Ediviani
Wanda Ediviani
09:27 04 Nov 21
As an M. Ed. degree seeker, I just finished my second term/third course an about to continue to my fourth course to... finish my foundation courses. It is a challenging experience learning in an online environment. The Moodle is easy to use and provides all the information needed; however, the users (students) should be the one proactive digging the Moodle to understand better about the system. Fortunately, I got supportive instructors (hope that this will continue until I graduate).read more
ademola adegoke
ademola adegoke
12:46 03 Nov 21
University of the people is a legit online university. it a first online tuition free American accredited... university. sincerely this university give hope to the hopeless an open gate of higher education to those that lack financial capacity, because university of the people make it easy to have access to higher education and affordable, they provide scholarship for almost all their students all over 200countries .Their method of teaching or learning is superb. I have experienced it, so I can talk or boast of my great university,university of the people I just concluded first term with them and the experience was wowread more
Misheck Nkhoma
Misheck Nkhoma
15:44 02 Nov 21
The online campus is great. It is smooth very easy to navigate and the whole process involves students actively. The... student community is great, supportive and really encouraging as well as inspiring to do more.read more
Elena Margarolo
Elena Margarolo
14:23 02 Nov 21
I'm a Health Science student at UoPeople and it's an amazing experience. I never imagined that at my age I would have... been able to go back to study and start a new chapter in my life. This University open education's doors to the world.read more
Gary K
Gary K
09:51 12 Oct 21
A year ago my rating would of been a 4 or 5 star, but after my recent experiences these last six months, a 2 star is... generous. I took a course I didn't need, was never told by my advisor not too. Then I find out I need to take a prerequisite class just to take another class so I can finally graduate. Then I go to sign up for that last class and it isn't available. My advisor is not helpful and seems to not understand my concerns. Who knows when and if I will ever graduate even though I now have 124 credits. Sigh.read more
Avni Chaudhari
Avni Chaudhari
18:46 05 Oct 21
The people will never respond to your questions and the student websites/portals were all barely usable at best.... Doesn't cost much but it's also a complete waste of moneyread more
Dakota Enriquez
Dakota Enriquez
21:00 30 Aug 21
I have been desperately trying to get a transcript sent for a few months now. I was told it was sent but my new school... never received it. I have been reaching out to the advisor that was assigned to me but they are not getting me an answer. I do not have a problem paying another fee and paying to have it sent with tracking information, but I am unable to request it through the portal anymore since I withdrew. This is disappointing because my experience was really good until this happened. I am really desperate for help at this point. Can someone from the university please help me??read more
Lateef Kelani
Lateef Kelani
23:58 14 Aug 21
University of the People is great. The programs are empirical. Students are thought independent deep reading. Products... of this University will fit in into any related establishment. Kudos!read more
Junior Otto
Junior Otto
12:17 03 Aug 21
This is the best online universe l have ever met in my life, it does matter your levels of experience.I recommend 5... stars 💫read more
Catherine WILLIAMS
Catherine WILLIAMS
17:35 13 Jun 21
Straightforward Application Process.American student-applied from UK- some college credits.Excited about the... structure and ethos of this school. Absolutely groundbreaking if it is to live up to its mission.Look forward to updating review in due course.🤞🏼read more
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