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Country: United States of America (USA)

University: Southern New Hampshire University

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Students will look at the financial implications of short- and long-term business decisions. By understanding how accounting and other productivity indicators may be used to assess and improve an organization’s performance, managers will get the critical information they need to execute growth plans and select opportunities that create business value.


Southern New Hampshire University
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Michelle Havel
Michelle Havel
01:38 08 Dec 21
I have been trying with every once of my being to enroll in this college!! I have only had multiple problems trying to... give the information provided!! I'm 57 yrs old and I have had enough!!Good luck with this college.God bless you gee by looking at all the reviews I agree now I should definitely go to University of Arizona.. Bye snhuread more
Jaime Lyn
Jaime Lyn
14:33 04 Dec 21
The financial aid office and admissions office is terrible. After speaking on the phone and email I was assured that... only my financial aid money was being used. I would only taken one class a term and it would be completely paid for. This was not the case. I now have a loan for about $2500. I was sent the excess amount. I have never run into this before. They told me to fill out a form to give access money back but the whole point of me stressing to only use my financial aid was to not have a loan at all. No matter how many times I speak to then they do not seem to get it. I am taking the online course. I am basically teaching myself. I would never recommend this college to more
Callie Oliver
Callie Oliver
19:34 29 Nov 21
My experience with SNHU has not been the greatest. If you’re considering getting a Graphic Design degree I recommend l... ooking at other universities. You can teach yourself so much more than you learn in their classes just by watching YouTube videos or experimenting with the programs by yourself. You end up teaching yourself anyway because there isn’t much guidance. I also had multiple bad experiences with customer service. They want to charge you outrageous amounts for absolutely everything they can. My advice is save your money or find a different more
Thomas Faherty
Thomas Faherty
19:49 04 Nov 21
Would not admit me for not having a high school diploma despite having 4 years of college with a 3.9 GPA. I guess being... successful in college isn't good enough to attend college but not attending college is. I compared it to looking for someone to build your home and refusing a builder with 10 years experience because he never built a dog house, but taking one that has built a dog house, despite having never built a real house. It makes no sense at all. Guess I'm just not educated enough to understand how high-school qualifies you to be in college but college doesn' more
19:23 17 Oct 21
I think this university has a lot of potential but the people working in admissions su#&#£¥¥ s this lady I don’t want to s... ay her name was helping me to enroll ; and she made spent a lot of Money and TIME !!!!! To get my transcripts from my last institute abroad the country . It’s a long ! Story but I did the way she told me first and it wasn’t that way and now a have to pay more money that I shouldn’t. Made me so mad !!!! She justified saying call the agency and let see if they can let you get your transcripts the other way for free . Yeah right that easy now I have to pay for her more
Kilab Ke
Kilab Ke
14:49 13 Jul 21
RUN AWAY. HORRIBLE is an understatement. It is a cheap quality school. They don’t teach but it is a correspondence s... chool. Just post things online with no substance. My friend had a very bad experience with Human Resources Management instructor. The dean is not available to students on phone. The teacher Lough is her name has a horrible, prideful attitude. She is as biased as nothing and teaches Human Resources Management. My friend submitted her final Paper to her but pressed the wrong button to upload assignment. She uploaded wrong assignment. She resubmitted the right one. She was told it’s late and would not accept the paper and failed her the whole class. Gave her an F. Wanted her to pay again and repeat the class in this horrible college. She transferred to a sensible school and she is happy. It is a nightmare and disaster school.. ..disastrous is an understatementread more
Erin W
Erin W
04:35 03 Jul 21
I've taken 6 classes here so far. All the instructors have been invested in their classes and get grades back in a... timely manner. Each course is 8 weeks long. There is reading and discussions due weekly along with some other type of assignment (journal, quiz, etc.). Towards the end of a course 1 or 2 final projects will be due. I was afraid of this college being a joke but, I've worked really hard for the grades I've gotten so far. My advisor has been wonderful as well. He emails me back within 24 hours and calls me from time to time to check in. But, some of the administrative departments, like student finance could be better. You have to really advocate for yourself which can be difficult for first generation college students. Books are cheaper than brick and mortar schools, you just go online to buy them. Overall, it's a convenient option for more
Inis Rodriguez
Inis Rodriguez
15:20 16 Jun 21
I cannot speak for campus life I can only speak for on line learning! I am a single parent of two children one who has... severe autism. I was hit with tragic circumstances I was an essential worker and I got struck with Covid 19 then unknowingly I passed it on too my children. I was sick so we’re my children I had to take off work for months and I had to take off school. It was not at all planned I pay for school with loans so I didn’t want to loose my opportunity. I only had 7 classes left for my bachelors I had to write an appeal which I poured out my heart to them and told them the truth about everything, they denied two appeals and I lost my opportunity for my degree and now am a single mom in student loan debt. It was sad that the school didn’t do more to help especially due to my circumstances. They were quick to take my money with no remorse and leave me in debt with out my degree. I suggest you be very careful with this school they paint a beautiful picture to the world but are really about money not students. I will be attending university of Phoenix online they were sympathetic to my story and understood the circumstances I had to face! Shame on this school I give the online learning one star. The only good thing about this school was that a handful of advisers actually more
Brooklyn Cosby
Brooklyn Cosby
05:54 08 Jun 21
Beware of this University. I was excited to attend Southern New Hampshire. I was supposed to graduate this year and... instead my life was turned upside down and I was left with a balance over $8,000. During COVID my State which is Michigan was on a strict stay at home order. Around that time the Department of Education requested a notarized Statement of Identification form which I could not provide, being that everything including the courthouse was closed. This resulted in my money being sent back and me being left with a balance for classes I had already completed. No matter what I say they refuse to listen and their appeals department keeps denying me. Up until then I was pleased with the school. Now I am disappointed and feel they don’t stand by their values. I work full time, and I am a single mom of two disabled children. I can’t believe after working so hard all these years my educational journey would’ve turned out this way due to no fault of my own. If you want a University with understanding and compassion employees who aim for the success of their students please look more
Jamie Hopkins
Jamie Hopkins
17:51 24 Mar 21
My experience with SNHU has been a positive one. I started my degree in Accounting and ultimately switched to Cyber... security. The courses were challenging and informative. The vast majority of instructors were excellent and added additional value to the classes. It should be noted that with any online school, you get what you put in as most of the learning is self directed. If you like/need lectures and a lot of direction...this may not be your best option. They do offer a brick and mortar campus though. A lot of people seem to wonder if the degree holds value to an employer. My experience is it 100% does. After getting my bachelors I was offered an excellent job (substantially over entry level salary) with other perks (company vehicle, work from home 16 hours/ week, plenty of room for growth, etc). While this is my personal experience, it is not unique. Many people I know also have landed excellent jobs. I would say it is more about what field you are entering, where you are searching, and what you have to offer. Another benefit is the cost. Tuition did not go up a penny throughout my entire time there and some classes do not require books that cost the student any money at all. Worth a more
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