Academic Essay Help for Accounting Student

Accounting is, by far, the most fundamental aspect in analysing a business. Dealing with the flow of data and numbers between different business groups and divisions play a vital role to managers, employees, and shareholders.

The incredible complexity involved in accounting for a business’s transactions is reliant and depends on the type, size, and nature of the businesses functions. If you want to master the craft in learning how to write an accounting essay, you without a doubt need to gain a familiarity with the specific type of accounting requested by your professors. This could, for example, be either management accounting or financial accounting. Accounting is a broad and varied discipline and, as a result, there is no one method involved in approaching the discipline.

Organising your Time

The initial step in learning how to write an accounting essay is how you prioritise the different sections in the assignment. Many students make the well-known mistake of leaving the work for the final few days before the due date. Obviously, this is not recommended. Leaving a task to the last minute can lead to a poorly researched task and, worst of all, incorrect calculations especially given the precise and technical nature of the discipline. Thus, what we are trying to tell you at The Uni Tutor is that you should not leave any task to the last limit.

The Research Stage

Fortunately for students today, there exists almost unlimited access to journal articles, books, and statistics. A great deal of these is free. Check out our accounting resources guide for more information. That said, however, the internet is not even close to being the be-all and end-all of the entire repository of human knowledge. Usually at student that is aware of how to write an accounting essay does not need more than a few days to obtain research materials for an A Grade paper.

After you have obtained enough research materials, you should organise those materials to ensure the writing process is made easier. It is not wise to inundate yourself with research materials only a few days before the material is due. It is prudent to underline or highlight those areas that you think are most easy to keep track of. Learning how to write an accounting essay involves having a sharp eye over details and numbers – you don’t want to miscalculate an equation.

The Writing Stage

Accounting essays do not differ much from other essays. As a broad rule, you should ensure you keep your prose tight and concise. You should ensure that your writing is free of any unnecessary clutter or excessive quotations from others. In other words, you should be straight to the point. It is essential that you use the Financial Reporting Standards in addition to the International Accounting Standards.
The executive summary and introduction: An executive summary must have an overall view of the essay or report’s underlying points. It should act as a marketing guide in a sense because it’s intended to capture the audience’s attention. The introduction instead is meant to serve as a starting point. Your accounting essay should state the overall idea and theme of your essay.

The Body of your Accounting Essay: Strong analytical skills are fundamental to writing an accounting essay. The reason for the importance of analytical skills is that that play a pivotal role in interpreting accounting equations. The body of your essay should present the facts and equations used to reach your accounting conclusions. References should be used, if possible, to provide for citations in your essay when you have instructed upon a piece of advice. You should ensure you follow the specified referencing format.

The Conclusion: After putting your arguments forward, a well-written conclusion is the key to obtaining that 1st Class grade. In order for your essay or report to remain in the memory of the marker you should end your essay with a memorable conclusion. Accounting of course involves more than just simply regurgitating certain facts. You must know how make relevant financial interpretations based on the accounting conclusions you have reached.
The Source List and Appendix: This part of your accounting essay or accounting paper should contain a list of all the research materials you have used in your essay or report. To be sure, list books you even read without citing in the body of the essay.

A Guide on Architecture Essay Writing

Being an architecture student is difficult. Being aware of how to write an architecture essay is fundamental to your college career. When writing an architecture essay that demonstrates a strong knowledge of a certain academic area, you need to ensure your essay is researched and cited adequately. Architecture is a broad academic domain and generally is intended to include any structure that is developed in an empty space. However, when learning how to write an architecture essay, you will soon learn that architecture is indeed a broad area of academia, intertwining historical, anthropological, or psychological facts.

Getting Started in Your Architecture Essay

When you are learning how to write an architecture essay, The Uni Tutor offers a comprehensive academic guide to writing architecture essays. Since architecture is such a diverse field, our essay writers at The Uni Tutor advise that your first narrow the scope of your essay. This can be done by dividing by location, style, or historical period. The topic you choose should be carefully researched to create a persuasive and compelling essay. We are aware that students are knowledgeable about the fact that the study of the aesthetics of a structure are highly contextual in which the works are developed.


The next step for college students in ascertaining the difficult skill in writing an architecture essay is to determine the style for the essay. In the experience of The Uni Tutor, most architectural research pieces are analytical and require the presentation of factual information. A persuasive architectural essay allows you to effectively communicate your arguments and conclusions when drafting your essay.
After you have decided upon an essay paper style, then creating an essay outline will be beneficial. The Uni Tutor has hundreds of architectural experts. It is essential that you judge which facts and figures you will employ in your thesis. It is of course obvious that your facts need to be organised into relevant, structured paragraphs. Each paragraph or section must have a particular objective. The more structured your essay paper, the higher your grades. Now, onto the next step: writing your essay.

Writing your Essay

When you commence writing your research thesis paper, you must start with writing an introductory paragraph. The introduction in an architectural essay should be not any longer than five or six sentences. It needs to be catchy and informative. A catchy title will give your architectural essay bonus marks. You should also paraphrase intellectual complex ideas when you learn how to write your architectural essay. The body of your essay should have separate paragraphs. Each body section of your essay should separate the ideas and arguments.

Now, since you have learned how to write an architectural essay, you should ensure you gain top marks by developing original thoughts and arguments. The main body of the architectural thesis should demonstrate the essay writer’s skill in constructing an intellectually skilled and well-researched paper. In the body you should make it clear that you have put in a great deal of research and that is well-organised.


In conclusion (no pun intended), an essay writer that has developed A Grade skills in learning how to write an architecture essay, should state again in their conclusion their thesis papers main argument. Conclusions are intended to provide an overall summary of the main arguments of the essay. In addition, conclusions are also an ideal section in your architectural essay to add more original parting thoughts. It is ideal to end your essay with an emotion appeal that will keep you in the heart and minds of the readers.

Assistance to Business Essay writing

Do you want to learn how to write a business essay in subjects like Management, Finance, Marketing and others? Well, there are certain guidelines that will help you to develop an essay which is coherent, perceptive and totally credible. An important consideration in learning how to write a business essay is that it provides related content and the opinions being supported qualified references or examples. The overall management, essay design and usage of suitable language are totally indispensable. Breaking down the whole procedure of learning how to write a business essay into dissimilar phases makes it less palling. Hence, you can easily meet all the expectations.

Important factors to consider when learning how to write a business essay include:

1. Examine the Essay Question:

Establish the essay question or title to be deal with. Examine wordings for the exercises and the approach required. Common keywords that frequently appear in business questions comprise analyse, discuss, illustrate, describe, discuss, interpret, compare, examine, criticise and review. A question like ‘describe how the use of the internet may affect an organisation’s Marketing Mix’ may involve a completely exhaustive presentation of issues in addition to an investigation for the implications. This topic implies ‘discussing’, so that you may have to review all the key arguments and then provide reasons for and against the argument. In such a case, you should compose the individual essay question and then select a topic which interests you. If you apply this, your essay writing procedure will naturally engage you. Once you do that, narrow down your ideas so that only a single fundamental idea is discussed with regard to the topic.

2. Research Material to be used for the Business Essay
A high-quality research is very essential when developing an understanding on how to write a business paper. If you research on how to write a business essay paper by use of the library or internet, you should constantly select any needed information through acceptable academic resources. Such resources include but are not limited to case studies, articles from official journals and scholarly work on the subject matter. Academic sites like, and offer different resources in endless business topics on how to write a business essay.

Market Research may broaden an individual’s stage for their primary research. Surveys and interviews are some of the most outstanding techniques used for obtaining content that is directly related to the essay title or question. Conducting research and making notes from resources which you’ve compiled and then organising that into the required outline will eventually allow you to keep a track record on some of the specific points. It is important to include details of the sources of information such as the title, author, publisher, page numbers, date and place of publication so that you may give them credit if you happen to utilise their information in your essay.

3. Make an outline on ‘how to write a business essay’
Develop a good outline plan for your essay. Such an outline will effectively help you to organise all the major ideas and arguments so that they presented in the most logical sequence. If at all you are straining to develop the essay outline you don’t have to worry because our assignment writing service has a formidable solution. Jot down the key points which you may want to include in the introduction, body and ending of your essay. Employing this process will help you to explode several ideas and also assist you in digesting and analysing details which you’ve collected in learning how to write a business essay.

How to Write a Business Essay

It’s advisable to start with an initial draft of the essay according to the outline structure when learning how to write a business essay. Try your best to use precise, clear and constructive business terminology and language in relaying your ideas. Nonetheless, avoid the use of jargon. An example of a befitting format on how to write a business essay is given below. Depending on the essay, some points are applicable while others aren’t.

Preface – This is indispensable in learning how to write a business essay. Summarise your understanding for the essay question as well as comment about how it will be addressed. Describe all objectives of essay so that you can establish the scope of the essay, set the goals you want to attain and draw a clear conclusion. You may also incorporate definitions of some particular business terms for the sake of the reader’s comprehension and understanding.

Background – In the format of learning how to write a business essay, this is the second point. You should give some speculation about a common topic that you want to analyse particularly if you are doing a case study.

Findings – Citations to be used should be noted here with respect to the University’s guidelines e.g. MLA, APA and Harvard among others. Use quotation marks to indicate for an item picked from a particular source. If you have to summarise then consider providing a reference at the end of the paraphrased sentence/s. The number of references to be used will depend on the nature, length and University requirements of the essay. As a general rule, 10 references for 1,000 words is acceptable.

Conclusion– This is the last item on learning how to write a business essay format. A student should arrive at the conclusion of their business essay with massive logical reasoning by pulling together any discussions; starting with the body of the business essay. All points of view should be clearly stated and then make sure that the end result answers the question stated in the preface. The final section of the conclusion should be used to express recommendations for further investigation or future action.

References List/ Bibliography – In case you use the Harvard style for purposes of referencing, clearly follow the list of references urequired in the essay in an alphabetical order. If you happened to use footnotes on every page, include them in the bibliography.

Appendices– This section primarily consists of the supportive materials used in text, graphs and charts that have been used to develop the main body of the business essay.

Proofreading & Editing the Business Essay
Print your initial draft and the carefully examine it. Use a checklist to help you note up any grammatical or stylistic errors, development areas and pathetic arguments. A model checklist on how to write a business essay may include answers to these questions:
• Have you answered the essay question?
• Has material been given in a logical order?
• Is the business essay content accurate, timely and relevant?
• Have you explained all the main points through arguments and examples?
• Have you enlisted the references to all sources used?
• Is your language clear and concise?
• Is your work correctly punctuated and free of spelling mistakes?

Amend any part of the business that are not appealing, including making corrections on punctuation and spelling errors. Proofread and then edit the essay until you are satisfied that you’ve offered your best. At this point, you would have developed a clear understanding on how to write a business essay, and thus your essay is perfectly complete.

The writing of brand management essays is principally unique because they take a dissimilar course of writing from the traditional essay writing and development of marketing projects. Even though the basic premises and terminologies used are the same, the whole idea brand management takes uses a different approach. This can be clearly demonstrated in writing the paper. A student who is learning how to write a marketing essay for the first time is likely to find it difficult to do so. As a result, they may require assistance in writing from professionals. For instance, The Uni Tutor offers an essay writing service where all project requirements are take care of.

When acquiring knowledge on how to write a brand management essay, the basic in the difference between a brand and a product is crucial. As a marketer’s approach for product offers to customers becomes different, the brand strategies and approaches are also different. A brand has to be portrayed in a unique approach that suits it. A Brand usually takes a relatively long time to develop and a result, the marketing approaches are different from the case of traditional marketing.

When you start writing a brand management paper, you should identify the brand and differentiate it from different products in the same category. In other words, the student should provide a rationale as to why a given brand is referred to as a ‘brand’, not a product. The Uni Tutor provides a strong thesis and a rationale for the paper that a student may not manage to write correctly in their first attempt of learning how to write a brand management essay. Brands like Spencer, Marks and Colgate are renowned. However, such an elaboration is not enough without providing a proper definition of a brand in the business perspective. You also need to know the quality of a brand and the criteria with which differentiate it from a product.

The second rationale you need to have in mind when coming up with a paper on brand management is to identify the purpose for which a particular brand has been developed for associated with. If a brand is failing then you must develop your brand management paper with a positive bias towards reasons of brand failure. Similarly, some papers could be involved in comparing and studying successful brands and the reasons behind why they have succeeded in staying tops in the market.

In gaining an understanding on how to write a brand management essay, the third component is introduction of the company, its foundation, when the brand appeared, brand evolution and the current place and position of the brand, the goodness of that brand the financial equity attained by the company from that brand. All CSR activities associated with that brand should be enumerated as well. Our research writers have what it takes to research and organize the different components of a brand management paper, thus distilling unmatched quality and important information from ineffectual facts.

Another important thing to consider when writing a brand management essay is studying the brand itself. The brand should be studied in extensively from its name and icon to the product features including its unique selling proposition. Different classifications under which that brand falls such as umbrella brand should be understood also. Different events the brand’s life cycle should also be analysed critically with respect to these components.

Comprehensive PESTEL and SWOT in searching for areas of improvement is inescapable as far as brand management essays are concerned. The Uni Tutor is potentially invaluable here as it is done through a student’s research work. The previous sections are used to create aspects of introduction and the literature review of the management brand paper or report. The other portion is research work that’s created under materials and methods along with the questions posed in that research. Such items are clarified in this portion along with identification of the usable methods and statistical analysis techniques. The student learning how to write management brand essays should also highlight similar research findings in the same topic and implore the significance of the topic under study. Significance must be perfectly aligned with the theory and hypothesis. Any questions raised throughout the report must show a great deal of consistency.

A student learning how to write a paper on brand management should also limit the number of research questions. This helps the student to focus on the selected questions better while creating more compelling results that aid in attaining better grades. Nonetheless, the research shouldn’t be too narrow to the extent of ignoring the brand’s bigger picture. If anything, a brand is a very universal phenomenon just like any other product in the market. Brand analysis requires the use of marketing strategies that are unique to every brand. References to various strategic tools used in marketing and the reasons why they are considered as comparatively more suitable than others should be clearly explained. Because are several marketing tools in availability, the student writing a brand management essay should select a small set of tools that will enable them to focus on the study. Thus, the student can align their paper very easily.

Results obtained from research are then used to formulate the results section. Perhaps this is the most important part of the process of brand management paper writing. Relevant findings should also be highlighted. With many brands, this usually translates to consumer behaviour and reactions to particular changes in the brand, attitudes and perceptions to some brands and the way they influence decision making. Results may also require a graphical presentation which gives a more vivid look that makes results much easier to comprehend. In other cases there is need to include additional statistics and tables in annexure form in order to clearly indicate the situation and trends in brand equity.

The next step is analysis of results via discussion of pertinent findings and then comparing them to relevant existing literature. There is usually a comparison between the performance of a brand in one era and another. The influence of various factors like ambassadors, new brand managers as well mergers and acquisitions play a great role. A different set of comparisons between competing brands and the way they create a differentiation from the brand on focus is also drawn.

Suggestions and recommendations are also given based on an extensive marketing analysis carried out at the introduction, literature review, and brand management essay writing stages. The Uni Tutor comprehensively provides such analyses to its clients. The suggestions and recommendations identified are entirely based on scientific prediction methods. In order to give such suggestions credibility, the student should compare similar strategies used by other brands before discussing their individual outcomes. The student is also required to critique their own recommendations by way of highlighting the key booby traps that ought to be avoided.

The section of conclusions helps to culminate all brand report information and the conclusions arrived at in a very concise manner. This helps to create direction in other areas of research in future. When learning how to write a brand management essay, a student should apply critical thinking and analysis exceptionally based on statistics facts in order to create a quality brand paper. The management brand paper being created should make the reader to think that the writer owns that brand. The student should also highlight brand concerns and images from the customers’ point of view so that the customer actually buys the brand.

In ratiocination, a student must include both market and company points of view when learning how to write a brand management essay. The essays should be thoroughly proofread before submission in order to avoid simple mistakes. Since it’s not easy to proofread one’s own work, you can request you friend to proofread your paper or seek the help of a professional service for evaluative critiquing, proofreading and editing.

Student guide to write art essay

How to Examine Creativity

One thing that makes an art essay to appear different from all other writing assignments is that you may encounter unique challenges when writing. For instance, you’ll be tested to establish whether you can justify your work through thorough analysis. In essence, you are expected to use words to explain the meanings of various images. When you start learning how to write and art essay it is expected you should grapple with the language and semantics of the craft in question. The knowledge of all the terms and applicable precepts is also paramount when learning how to write an art essay.

On obtaining the skills required when learning how to write an art essay, you should also describe the image therein properly before offering a complete description. You should also offer a valid defence for your own point of perception. Whether your paper is a building, sculpture or painting, your paper should contain organized descriptions on different aspects of your artwork. You also need to be versed with the exact thing you are expected to say with regard to the specific topic. You also need to analyse your work with a high degree of accuracy. In addition to that, when learning how to write an art essay, you should properly describe the artwork you’ve selected.

Types of Art Writings

Sylvan Barnet has identified five types of papers. It is important for you to gain an understanding of these types of papers as you are learning how to write an art essay. This will help you to fully understand and adhere to the instructor’s expectations, and soon enough you will know how to write an art essay with ease. You may decide to use of these styles for brainstorming and exploration of other ideas for your assignment topic if it’s at your discretion.

(a)The Sociological Essay – it analyses a specific epoch in history and also suggests how that epoch influences your topic of discussion. There is a possibility of raising general questions with regard to social influences such as economic effects on the art, the challenges faced by a woman seeking recognition in that area and much more. For instance, your essay may focus on the influence of Walker Evans’ rural farm photography to understand how to write an art essay on the deep desire of Roosevelt to develop Farm Security Administration.

(b) Image Writing – Also referred to as iconography, it is the type of writing that defines images through in-depth exploration of various symbols noted in the selection of an artwork. For example, the author may point subjects to Rembrandt’s “The Assassin” as the formidable citizens of Holland. However, a thorough critical examination of the painting symbols may reveal that characters in that painting could be identified as saints.

(c)Formal Analysis – The student who wants to learn how to write an art essay is asked to examine more formal aspects of a particular work of art before developing a dialogue with respect to these parts in some creative or unique fashion that helps others to see clearly and understand the artwork under examination.

(d)Biographical Essay – it enables the writer who is learning how to write an art essay to critically examine the personal life of the artist and determine how this influences their work. Barnet provides an example of this: how Ansel Adams influenced Harry Callahan’s photography career.

(e)The Iconological Essay – potentially known as the study of an image. It uses a variety literary examples and texts to interpret some selected pieces of art work. The person who has learned how to write an art essay may decide to use some ancient renditions of different Greek mythological tales to enlighten the readers on image representations of the myth as depicted in different archaic classes of Greek art.

Strategies Prior to Writing the Essay

• The medium – Determine the principles applied by the artist in selecting a specific medium along with the advantages and limitations.
• Use of lines – Does the artist use light or heavy lines? Do those lines run horizontally or vertically? Could the lines be straight or curved? Is there a specific outcome expected as a result of using these lines?
• Coloration – Does the artist involve the use realistic or expressive colours? Does the used colour give sense of warmth or coldness? Are the colours subdued or bright? What overall effect do these colours cause?
• Light – In which way is light employed by the artist? Are shadows involved? Is there an interaction or play between the two? What message is communicated by the work to the audience?
• Space – Do you find any sense of space in the selected work? Does the visual plane indicate great depth or it’s shallow? What arrangement of shapes is used within the framework of this particular work of art? In which way does application of sense impact subjects of the artist? How may use of space impact on your response to the art paper?
• Style – Are there some elements that identify the specific style used by the artist in that art paper? Is that style common or unique to a given period of time?
• Composition – Are there formal elements or aspects in that art essay that interact along with each other? Does composition of that work of art convey its theme or idea? Does the composition make your eye to travel in a coherent manner throughout that work of art? Does the composition of that art influence the movement? These are all questions you want to ask in order to understand how to write an art essay.
• Context – Anyone who is learning how to write an art essay must always examine the context of that work. Find out when it was painted, the artist behind that work and where the work was completed. How has history or culture influenced that work? Does that work of art address some specific cultural or historical concerns? As you learn how to write an art essay, consider writing down all the questions that you want to answer within your essay’s scope. Such questions will definitely guide you through your examination of the existing sources of similar works. Consider examining any available brochures or documentation in possession of the museum or gallery.

Advice to Writers
Students with a desire of learning how to write an art essay may approach the work in the same way they write any ordinary academic paper. You must stay focused on the topic that, including creating a sentence for the thesis. You should also settle on some specific structure. As usual, you should employ proper organisation and grammatical expressions with absolute clarity. And once you’ve learned how to write an art essay, you should also understand and cautiously use the conventions applied in the world of art. If you find it difficult, please have a look at our assignment writing service. Nonetheless, below are a few tips which you may consider in writing your own art essay:

• Rather than just describing your work, analyse it properly. A common complaint from many university professors is that most students normally describe artwork without having a careful consideration of the argument they want to out across. The ultimate purpose of your writing is paramount when learning how to write an art essay. Carefully select an outline of details in your description and let them illustrate your art essay. A common format regularly used by students that have learned how to write an art essay involves constructing the paper in a manner that the actual topic or theme sentence is easily located in the essay. A traditional student is usually trained to construct their compositions in a manner that the opening paragraph becomes the holder of the topical sentence. Once you know how to write an art essay, you will definitely recognise why it’s essential to make sure that all your details are categorically selected and logical. In order to exceptionally build on the main point, you must start with a careful selection of primary ideas.

• What about the structure of your writing? When learning how to write an art essay, in case you want to discuss a specific movement of art, you may actually desire to use a very chronological format. However, you should consider using the spatial format in order to produce a highly chronological art essay.

• Avoid the use of “I” in any qualitative piece or writing. Students who have articulately mastered how to write an art essay will tell you that using “I” will practically detract you from your efforts of creating a formal piece of an art essay. Of course this does not mean that your opinion is useless. However, your opinion must be put down in a very scholarly manner. Rather than focusing on your opinion to your work of art, focus on explaining your response to the art essay.

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What do we expect from the institutes?

Welcome to this second-part in this two-part blog on ‘is college worth it?’

So what do we mean when talking about education more fun and interesting? Well, let us take a practical example. The two main criticisms of university put out by various commentators is:

1) Of a time cost – the amount of time you spent in University. Some say it is too long.

2) Its financial cost – it costs too much. Many students are graduating with tens of thousands in debt these days.

What policy really helps us really explore and can help us touch upon education outside of the institutions that we have already built. What do I mean by that?

This is a more detailed practical example. Let us say hypothetically, we have to learn about education policy and let’s say a charming young man puts a little video online about education policy and I watched it. You can reach it with the internet connection from your home for virtually free whereas a University lecturer will take place with an old man at the front of the lecture room with a rather large salary and even larger building.
Another example of this kind of this poor thinking policy is in terms of time…

Okay, so we are all grouped by age in the university or school system, but why? For example, let’s say, you were really strong in history (or some other subject which was your favourite) when you were young, say, twelve, but you still had to sit with a bunch of idiot twelve year olds who knew nothing about history. How is that efficient to your learning or their learning?

So to sum up our points!

When we ask the question “Is the University worth it?” we are essentially asking the wrong question. You get two points down in this social and economic cost and benefits of this degree versus that degree, and it is just not productive to the debate. Without question, mass education for all has been nothing but a benefit for the entirety of mankind. The question we should be asking ourselves is how can we get this great experience of learning stuff regardless of what it is, whether it is sociology or chemical engineering, how can we get it so everyone can share that experience to the lowest social and economic cost we can manage?
Thank you for reading.

If you are confused by anything we said because we it was quite an incoherent piece then please feel free to post your comments below and we will try to answer. If you are interested in education policy like in a broader sense, then you’ll have to ask those questions as well. Thanks for reading again.

Hello, interested happy people and The Uni Tutor’s blog readers!

In this two-part blog entry, we are going to discuss the importance (or unimportance) of University (College, as you North Americans call it).

Now, there seems to have been a lot of discussion lately about the importance of University. Is University worth it? Most of the discussion seems to stem from a result of the ever-increasing university fees, both in the UK and the USA. To make matters worse, the ever shrinking job market is playing a role in the increasing doubts over the usefulness of a college (or university) degree.
We’re more than certain that this controversial topic will raise a few eyebrows. That said, however, we are going to ensure we cover a wide variety of viewpoints.

But what we think many commentators are lacking in their critiques is that don’t get the objective of university from a policy perspective.

So that is what we are going to do discuss because the internet loves policy, right?

I think first what we should cover before we get into the details of whether university is worthy or not, is exactly what we expect education institutions to do.

So firstly, I think it is important that education teaches us to be better people. Whether you like it or not, learning is something we do to better understand the people and the world around us, to understand our place in the universe. I am not sure whether you are studying physics or philosophy you are answering a fundamental question, do you? ‘Why I am here, where is my place?’

We have asked people of who have that sort of education about where they stand in the wider world, the more reasons to be socially conscious with their actions and politically active. And these traits, we are sure you can agree, is important in society. And secondly, what I think we can agree with importantly is that education is designed to prepare you to be useful to the economic system that we have (voluntarily or involuntarily) embraced. So you want to start. To do that, you have to participate in market economics. You have to get a job, you have to be useful. And education is supposedly and should be designed to help you be a part of that. So we study something that we enjoyed. Hopefully we got a job that we enjoy so we can enjoy life and have stuff and everything will be great.

A good example of this kind of thinking is in Germany. Germany does not consider education spending to be part of a social policy spending programme. They consider it to be part of an economic spending program. This is because an educated workforce is the best economic asset a country can have. So the trait goes that the more educated we are the more socially active we are, the more political active we are and the more economically affluent and responsible we are, right? So how is this linking on what they are talking about across the globe about the worth of university degree? Well, if we agree on what Universities and indeed the education system as a whole is for, which is to make people more useful economically and socially, which I think we can agree on to a greater or lesser extent.

So if we can agree on that, the question for us as informed policy makers becomes, how do we make education worth it? In our next series in this two-part blog, we will be talking about how can we make it more efficient? Because if we can agree on that then as an informed policy-makers the questions becomes less of how can we make University worth it? In other words, how can we increase the economic and social benefits of it? Two, how can we make universities less boring and more fun and useful? Put another way, how can we decrease the economic and social cost?

We hope you enjoyed this first series in our blog. Please join us in the next series when we further elaborate on the issues and reach several important conclusions.

Brendan Davids

The Need Of Researching For Essay Writing

An aspect of essay writing is that it draws on the work of other writers and researchers. Thus, the skills of interpreting, researching, and writing are essential to essay writing. Researching confers the knowledge and facts that you need you to draft an argument and respond the essay question.

Reading for preparing your essay

Commence reading as soon as you get the question so you have enough plenty time to become acquainted with the subject. When reading the material you have research, remember to read with a purpose. Good question to ask yourself include:

• What do I currently know about the subject?

• What material is required to answer essay question?

• Is the material relevant to the subject?

• Can I use these research materials in my argument

Reading lists

If you are given a list of recommended readings, read as many as you can. Otherwise, find the references in the library. Use the database to searche. Once you have your readings:

• use the table of contents and the

index to find relevant material

• skim through the text to locate

specific information

• when you find something you need to read carefully, highlight the material with a post-it note so you can return for a close reading

• photocopy useful sections of

Summarise content from the readings

It’s essential to summarise what you have read. Your summaries should be the foundation of your essay.

There is no need to take notes in your initial reading of the material. Highlight information or facts you think are useful. You can return to it when you re-read and take notes.

Summarise your research materials with the question of your essay in mind. You must employ the facts and evidence you have found to help assist your

materials so you can emphasise and make notes.

Thinking it through

Essay writing requires both creative and critical thinking.

Central argument. This, for example, can

• Creative thinking


be summaries or direct quotation from the materials, useful diagrams, case analysis studies or statistical data.

Remember to cite everything. Note the bibliographic information of each text you read. Remember to include the date, author, publisher, title and place of publication. This will save your time when doing boring referencing!

3. Planning your thoughts

Begin planning your research findings and ideas into an argument.

Essay strategies

Following your research and development of central arguments to your essay, you ought to draft a second essay plan. This second essay plan will answer the topic and how the thesis will be ordered. The second essay plan ought to include:

• Make a decision on a potential answer to the question

• Settle on the facts and evidence you will utilise to respond to the question.

• Making a decision on which issues you will examine, and the structure in which they will appear.

• Jot this all down in point form!

you to broaden your ideas. Try techniques like brainstorming or mind mapping.

• Analytical thinking allows you to narrow the focus of your ideas (for example, asking why an example is important to your argument).

Your essay should be balanced: that is, it should include a range of information and viewpoints from different authors that explore the key arguments and relevant aspects of a particular topic.

Don’t only cite evidence that confirm what you are arguing; if there are different or opposing views, then they need to be examined.

You need to evaluate differing arguments – explain why one argument is more convincing than another and how they relate to the conclusion your essay arrives at.