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Physiotherapy and dementia go hand in hand in the medical fraternity. Nonetheless, it is cost-effective to treat dementia using physiotherapy. Nonetheless, from studies conducted older adults are the ones at a greater risk of dementia and at most require physiotherapy sessions. Moreover, Dementia is an associative group of symptoms that are marked by a decline in a person’s mental ability to remember some details. Thus, physiotherapy comes in handy when treating dementia since it helps in regaining memory through various training.

Signs and Symptoms of Dementia

The onset of dementia mimics other existing old age diseases. However, there are notable signs that can be seen such as;

Although some of these symptoms are contributed by environmental factors, still dementia both physiological and behavioral factors contribute to the symptoms.

Role of physiotherapy within Dementia

Physiotherapy plays an important role in the treatment of Dementia. The main aim of physiotherapy is to ensure that patients with dementia recover. However, this might not be the case as some of those suffering from fractures or even accident take time to recover, thus, the work of the physiotherapist may be delayed. Physiotherapy as the main proponent of dementia care, it is at times become one of the most demanding jobs compared to other medical occupations. Physiotherapy helps most patients with dementia after they have either some musculoskeletal conditions or difficulties in movements. Thus, it is one of the sorts after treatment regime for dementia patients, but also a strenuous task. According to Hall et al., (2017) dementia-associated falls and conditions need to receive personal-centered care and thus, it is relevant for such options to be availed.

Interventions in physiotherapy and Dementia

Clinical interventions for people suffering from dementia and fractures are yet to be determined as there are only a few interventions so far. From the studies conducted by Hall, Lang, and Endacott (2017), some interventions as purported are left to the discretion of the physiotherapist. Thus, there is no clear cutout evidence to support the interventions for people living with dementia and a link to physiotherapy. Moreover, physiotherapy is one of the treatment regimens for persons who have either fractures or problems with their musculoskeletal problems (Hall et al., 2018). Notably, interventions such as exercises and muscle relaxation can be used by the physiotherapist to help dementia patients.

Moreover, there must be adequate resources and time to effectively manage persons with dementia (Jones 2019). Resources are some of the factors that limit the services of a physiotherapist, thus making an

effective treatment to not be adequately available.

Another notable management program is using effective communication. The number one priority is to ensure that there is effective communication that will keep the conversation ongoing. If there is no communication then there cannot be an effective treatment for persons with dementia.


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