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Work Experience

As a bookkeeper in the operations department, the tasks assigned to me are in tandem with my level of education, skills, and abilities. Having an academic background in the accounting field, my role is to maintain the organization’s financial records by recording transactions daily. Some of the tasks and responsibilities I assume include the following. First, I make journal entries for all financial transactions including, receipts and payments, before proceeding to file all source documents for the journal entries recorded. Secondly, I have the job of balancing the general ledger by preparing a trial balance and reconciling entries. I also have the task of making the firm’s monthly financial reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing account information and prevailing trends.

These tasks support my learning career since I am in a position to apply the accounting knowledge I acquired at school in a real working environment. Working with a team composed of people from diverse socio-economic backgrounds, races, gender, and ages has allowed me to test my interpersonal skills. Within no time, I have established a rapport with my colleagues since our vision is aligned with that of the organization. Several instances have also enabled me to put my critical thinking ability on the test. The objective is to make the best decisions for the firm.

Yes, my long-term career goal is to become an operational manager in one of the leading banks in the world. My current job description will further enhance my accounting skills such that I will be in the position to manage overall activities pertaining to the operations department in the future. I am also working on my customer service skills to provide excellent telling service experience to customers by applying the knowledge of banking policies, practices, and procedures.

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