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Business is the act of making an individual income by either buying or selling of services and products. The main reason why people would start businesses is to make a profit. There are different organizations, and each of them can grow globally.

I have selected Whatsapp to use for this case. It is one of the most commonly used communication platforms in the world. Though there are other communication platforms, many people prefer Whatsapp because of its functionality. For instance, it allows you to send and receive text, images, audios, GIFs, and videos and is free for both parties. Having being commonly used communication media, the company can venture into other businesses which can increase its revenue. Whatsapp starting cheaper money transfer options to everywhere in the world can make a significant change in the organization. However, the investment needs a lot of money since there is a need for tight security. I recommend this option because many people are struggling with how to send money to their mother countries in a faster and cheap way. If they start this business, they will end up making massive revenue in the future as it will have sorted many people problems of sending money to their motherland countries quickly and cheaply.

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