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Global citizenship is defined as a person who has knowledge of the world, and he or she is living to ensure that they achieve what is good for the world. A global citizen will strive to ensure that everyone in the world, whether they belong to his communities or not, achieve equal treatment, they are empowered, access quality education, health, among other needs. For instance, global citizenship education is defined by UNESCO as the ability in which people take to empower the children in society to ensure that they are exposed to quality education. To be a global citizen, one needs first to understand some of the challenges which the members of the community are facing and ensure that he or she researches the best ways to deal with such challenges.

The policy which I have researched about is The Early Childhood Two-Generation State Policy, which is a national policy that is used by the states in the United States. This policy serves the purpose of ensuring that children are provided with good care and opportunity in order to make them become global citizens. The policy ensures that children are exposed to good health; it ensures that the parents are supported economically in order for them to provide their children with education, and most importantly it deals with early care and education. This policy affects the people of Arizona, which is the state under which there is the community I will study. Child education is a basic pillar to ensure that the children become innovative, and therefore by observing this policy, most of the children will have the opportunity to access quality education. In his article, Paul Gorski (2008) states that it is a myth believing that poor people cannot achieve their dreams.

In my community, there is a policy called The Early Education Head Start / Early Head Start Division. This policy has been so critical in ensuring that it develops the children into knowledgeable citizens. Although the policy is more of a program which was introduced by Maricopa County and other organizations to ensure that the children and their parents. The Early Education Head Start / Early Head Start Division offers comprehensive child development services for young children from birth to age five, pregnant women, and their families




Gorski, Paul. (2008). The myth of “the culture of poverty”. Educational Leadership. April 32-36. Retrieved from http://www.ascd.org/publications/educational-leadership/apr08/vol65/num07/The-Myth-of-the-Culture-of-Poverty.aspx.

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