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Solar wind port scanner

Solar Winds Port Scanner is one that delivers a list of open, closed, and filtered ports from the scanned IP address. This scanner is specifically meant for business operators and especially the administrators of such businesses. This port scanner leads the people into the transfer control protocol and the user diagram protocol ports and equally still manages to resolve hostnames and that of the operating system. Some of its features include having a short scanning time as it has an adaptive timing behavior that will always depend on the network that one is using to shorten the scanning time for ports (Austin, 2018). Secondly, it automatically saves the scanning configurations done such that one is not able to redo a specific task over and over again. Thirdly, as it is working on a particular scan, it can pause, cancel, and also resume doing the same job which other scanners cannot do. Lastly, while scanning, it is the primary determinant of the operating system undergoing scanning.

The advantages of this ports scanner include, firstly, it can define and reuse the credentials that were earlier on used in the scanning of a port. Secondly, it uses multiple discovery methods to map together with all the credentials and their interconnections. They include routers and switches. Other than that, it can troubleshoot using a command-line interface (Austin, 2018). Settings are in such a way that it does its scanning on specific dates and time such that one can compare the results of this at particular times. Lastly, this scanner can send information in various formats after scanning. It is advantageous as any format that is required can be used. It can deliver using formats like XML, XLXS, and CSV.

The disadvantages of the solar wind port scanner include, firstly, the open-source software that is being worked on may disappear unawares. Te open source may disappear as the scanner is still updating everything because of writing changes that may be made on the source code. Secondly, the support team isn’t always available (Austin, 2018). This port scanner is software that incases stops working, then that means that the support team should help in solving the issue. At times the support isn’t always available to solve the problem being encountered. Lastly, security may become a significant issue as it opens source software; thus, the codes may lead to hacking of the computer information.

Despite not having a scenario where the wind port scanner has been used, however, in 2014, the Marriot international experienced the loss of customers through hacking, where they lost over 500 million customers (Valinsky, 2018). The attackers of the system that was used to manage the system remained in order. It was for some good time before and was not discovered until September 2016. It is an indication of unethically getting into a system without permission, which the wind-solar port scanner can also do (Valinsky, 2012). The scenario, in this case, as bad as the company lost a large amount of money. The names and the contact information of the victims were compromised, and some of them altered in the system. For more information, visit the link https://edition.cnn.com/2018/11/30/tech/marriott-hotels-hacked/index.html.This was a successful exploit as the people were not realized till after a very long time that is about two years as they were still in the system.


Valinsky, J (2018) Marriott reveals data breach of 500 million Starwood guests. CNN business. https://edition.cnn.com/2018/11/30/tech/marriott-hotels-hacked/index.html

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