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Professional Ethics

Ethics are morals and rules that govern personal behavior and effective activity conduction. Professional ethics are rules that lead people on how they should relate to each other in a business environment. Professional ethics leads to the practical and smooth running of business since the workers are open, trustworthy, and creating teamwork. Decision making is a stepwise skill of identifying which wise alternative to decide on and what are the reparations of the decision. Organizational ethics are the principles that govern the organization towards meeting his objectives (Durkheim, 2018). It is inclusive of the organization’s culture, beliefs, behavior, and organizational psychology. Once a new employee enrolled in the organization, this is the first principle to encounter and stick by. The policies lead to achieving profits that the organization tent to accomplish.

For the past week, I have been working at a local hotel as an accountant. At this moment, I encountered a lot of ethical skills at my work job. I was able to exercise a lot of professional ethics by work job. I am sure that I was honest and trustworthy to my boss since every transaction put in a track record that they both could go through. I created a friendly environment with my colleagues hence creating teamwork at the work job. Every colleague in the hotel respects the contribution of each other, leading to better the business. The customers or being treated would use polite language and kindness, so attracting more customers in the hotel. The dress code met the entire management requirement they offer, creating an excellent environment to work. It enabled me to experience and exercised a lot of professional ethics, which we had learned in class. By earlier learning, professional ethics made me more flexible at the work job since I knew what required of me. As a result of this, we can see that I applied professional ethics such as; communication skills, trustworthiness, and openness, dressing code, creating teamwork with colleagues’ respecting the boss, and sticking by the objective of the business (Tavani, 2016). leads to running the company towards its goal set by the management.

Some of the customers in the hotel use a commanding and abusive language towards the attendant. This was the biggest problem I encountered at the hotel so hard to apply my decision-making skills. I believe that by politely handling the customer, you will able to cool down and enumerate by example hence noting his mistake. After my, after respectful communication with the client, most of them could be satisfying apologies due to their rude behavior. It also helped us to maintain a good reputation with our customers and not losing their customer’s trust.

From a significant perspective, the working environment in the hotel was more sanctifying, and we were running the business towards its objective (Quinn, 2017). Our boss played a significant role in encouraging ethics in us; therefore, every employee enumerated him; hence everyone focusing on running the business to success — the hotel profit increase when morals govern every sector of the business.


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