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Professional E-mail assignment

Institution Affiliation


To: Paul (Head, SuperMega Company Website Division)
From: Sharon (Vice President, Products Sales Department)
Subject: Cancellation of a Preorder Page Mistakenly Posted by the Website Division

Hello Paul,

You will find the urgent and relevant requirements for the meeting scheduled for 0800hrs, Monday, Next Week attached to this particular E-Mail.

The Company is happy with your continued excellent and ethically sound services within the busy and crucial Website Division. Without the input of your expertise and tremendous wealth of knowledge, the market cake we enjoy today will be unrealistic. Thank you for enduring commitment, integrity and professionalism. We all know and have the goosebumps towards the upcoming launch of the latest brand of our computer products. Your department is at the core of the whole process and once again we appreciate the preparation geared towards the same.

Through the new products launch code of regulations, our Company is supposed to launch the new product June this year. The communication and sales department prepared the memo and supplied to all departments. I believe in commitment to service and with all due diligence. The culture of shared responsibility is a spirit, our Company is thriving on. Challenge and mistakes are part of life in any organization and writing this mail does not translate to whatever transpired during the phone call we had yester evening.

I believe the future of this company is secure and tentatively bright. The spirit of handling mistakes is a stronghold we should be proud of as a team. I acknowledge your department for the relentless efforts to keep our network with the market strong and reliable. However, the latest move by the Website Department was prematurely done. The move was in the best of the interest of the company and goodwill of your team of experts. No offense attached for your actions towards the launch of the new product.

I want us to revoke the move orchestrated by your team on the brand-new computer product. We need to convene a meeting on Monday very early in the morning. The meeting will field your department, the Product Sales, Customer Care and the Top Management. I want to preempt you with some of the items of great importance for the meeting. Be confident and prepare an official apology statement. Prepare yourself with the systematic approach to aide in withdrawing the product from the website.

As the Product Sales department, we want to establish a condusive environment of work and service with you as the Department of Website Services. No strings attached as far as the communication driven here is concerned. Acting in my capacity as the Vice President in the Sales Department is all but guided by ethical working relationships. Picking up from our pieces is not a big deal and I trust through team work the mistake will be corrected.

If there is any problem or difficulty in this matter, please let me know as early as Sunday evening to avoid any inconvenience. I will have a precursor conversation with you very early in the morning before we convene the meeting to solve the problem at hand. Thank you for your continued efforts towards making SuperMega the place to be for all.

Vice- President,
Product Sales Division
SuperMega, Inc.

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