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Juvenile delinquency

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Juvenile delinquency

I agree with the sentiments of the passenger that juvenile delinquency is on the upsurge, especially since the turn of the 21st Century. The most common risk factor that can best explain this scenario is the effect of mass media on juveniles. The existence of diverse mass media platforms has resulted in minors getting exposed to various acts of violence, murder, and obscene content. Continuous exposure to televised violence has, in turn, caused aggressive behavior, violence, and crime in the community. Ideally, violence has become normalized. Another risk factor is the availability of guns in today’s society. The existence of black markets and other related platforms has made it easy for minors to get access to various weapons that they use to commit heinous acts. The death of family life and the exposure of family violence to children is also a contributor to the social evils perpetrated by minors.

The best type of data- that may be used to establish whether living in the East or West coast has an impact on gender differences in delinquency- is by relying on official data that has been collected by criminal justice agencies. These bodies will have information on the reported cases of violence that have been caused by minors.

The Anomie theory developed by Robert Merton advocates for detention facilities as a preventive measure to curb juvenile delinquency. According to the theory, minors commit offenses since they lack the means to make them happy in the existing social structure. They, therefore, resolve to use unlawful means to achieve their objective. From this perspective, being secluded in correctional facilities makes these young offenders appreciate the freedom they once enjoyed. They begin to realize that they can achieve true happiness without necessarily breaking the law. Serving time, therefore, is a reliable alternative that may discourage minors from committing heinous acts.

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