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Whether we are going to school work, jogging, or even hiking, nothing keeps a person moving like a good music collection. There are so many music devices, but none can beat the JBL CLIP, three portable Bluetooth speakers. This Bluetooth speaker is made ina small size; hence slipping it to your bag is quite easy. The best part is that it is wireless and thus, you don’t have to worry about wires hanging on you while on the move

The unique features of JBL CLIP 3

Compact design

This Bluetooth speaker is made in small size and compact design such that it is quite easy and comfortable to carry around. it does not take up much space in your bag, and the lightweight design makes it a portable Bluetooth speaker worth buying

Rechaeagebl battery. This Bluetooth speaker is powered by a rechargeable battery that is quite durable. It runs for up to 10 hours when used none stop. This means that you can stay for a day or two before you charge it.

Dual charging port.

Other than playing your favourite music tracks on this Bluetooth speaker, it can also b sued to charge a phone or other small electric gadgets. it comes with two USB port for connection in case you want to charge a phone


This JBL CLIP wireless Bluetooth speaker is designed for use in all places, including on the outdoors. It has a waterproof outer case that protects the device from water damages. So, you can sue it around wet areas such as at the swimming pool.

Integrated carabiner clip.

This feature allows you to clip this Bluetooth on any area such as the belt, T-shirt, backpack, or your pocket so that you can enjoy your music on the go.


This Bluetooth speaker is quite light for easy carrying around

It is made of waterproof material essential for outdoor use

The speaker has a durable rechargeable battery

It is versatile in terms of use

The wireless speaker provides loud and clear sound


this speaker is not compatible with any app assistance. Thus it is only controlled manually.

Who does JBL CLIP 3 Portable Bluetooth speaker suit?

This wireless Bluetooth speaker fits all people, most notably those who enjoy outdoor escapees such as cycling hiking, jogging, among others. The carabiner clip allows one to clip this Bluetooth to any area for comfort when carrying. It is small, and light in weight hence does not add any bulkiness. The loud and clear sound produced by this speaker ensures you get good audibility while still enjoying your activities.


BL CLIP 3 Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker is a durable and convenient speaker for people’s music devices to tag along when doing outdoor activities. It comes in a variety of colours for one to choose their preferred colours, and you can connect with other devices like smartphones so you can enjoy your favourite music while still on the move.

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