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Introduction post

Professor’s Name:

Introduction Post

What name do you prefer to go by?

My name is Shawn Kiptoo, but I mostly prefer to be called Shawn, especially when I am away from home. I would fill awkward for a person to call me by my second name if they do not pronounce it as it should be. Most of my folks at home are familiar with such a name since it represents a meaning in their culture.

What career field are you planning to go into? Why?

Growing up in an environment with a poor educational background, I envisioned myself becoming a teacher with an intention to be a solution to the problem in my community. However, at the age of 15, I realized that I possessed feelings of empathy and care, which properly aligned with the profession of nursing. I enjoyed informally assisting older persons in my community, especially my neighbour and grandparents. I must admit that I liked my first experience as a volunteer in a local healthcare unit. Due to my ability to empathise, I was allowed to work alongside the health staff, an endeavour that shaped my interest in nursing. Apparently, I am looking forward to advancing my nursing career and become a registered nurse.

Where are you from?

Currently, I reside at……………………….., but my country of origin is Kenya, which I like to refer it as my “Home Sweet Home.”

What goals do you have and what do you hope to get out of this course?

As a registered nurse, I plan to major mostly in providing care services at the community level. On that respect, I will be expected to commonly interact with patients at the community level compared to the associate’s level. To ensure effective interaction, I will be required to create communication materials, educational materials, and disseminate information about health management. This course will play a critical part in developing my writing skills which assist me in achieving better patient care. I hope to be competent in creating care plans and be accurate, comprehensive, detailed, and consistent in writing.

In my sandwich, I would prefer more peanut butter than jelly. For me, that snack would go south if jelly exceeds peanut.

Response to Peer Post

Hi Celia. I am happy to have you in the same class since we have almost the same ambition. I believe that there are so much to share between us. I am looking forward to learning more from you since you happen to be more experienced than me in the nursing profession. I am glad that you have also realized that good writing skills are extremely important to nurses. I am sure you agree with me that any nurse who wishes to progress his or her career must be a skilled communicator. This course will play a significant role in realizing our career goals.

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