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Improving Reading Comprehension

Although there exist numerous analytic methods to address the issue of missing data, the most efficient approach to avoid this incidence is by ensuring that that the design, as well as the data recording activities, are effective. The essay describes strategies I would use to minimize the possibility of missing data within my research project.

The possibility of missing data should be given considerable attention during the planning and design stages within a particular study. First, I will focus on the objectives of the research and only collect data that is critical in achieving the set goals. This factor will allow me to dedicate the available resources to improve the quality of the data gathered. Secondly, I will target the appropriate sample population that will include several students from all the racial groups. This factor will ensure that the data captured is relevant and addresses the inadequacy of the reading skills in second-grade students across all the racial groups.

Conversely, since the students belonging to the sample under study might have problems in understanding the questionnaire, I will ensure that I reduce the level of complexity of the procedures used in data collection. This factor will enable me to collect more reliable and valid responses, which will facilitate the success of my research. Fourthly, I will integrate various methods of data collection, ranging from questionnaires to interview, and encourage the students to provide their responses to their best knowledge. This factor will enable me to assess all members of the selected sample size. Finally, I will incorporate the technique of a continued follow up to ensure that more useful information regarding the progress of reading comprehension of the second-grade students as they progress in their learning is obtained.

In conclusion, missing data issue is a common encounter in research and has a possibility of affecting the research integrity adversely. Although these incidents might be unavoidable, their occurrence can be minimized through careful design consideration.

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