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How Facebook affects American democratic politics

Hi Acosta,

I think Facebook affects American democratic politics from two general perspectives. The first wing, which is the positive side, in this case, is where Facebook, as a social media networking site, has been used as a tool for liberation. We have witnessed several instances in which political activists and revolutionaries have used social media spread news, secrets, and tactics to fight for freedom. On the other hand, the authenticity of Facebook news has been questionable for quite a long time. I agree with you that the government, together with Facebook’s security and privacy department, has lagged in enhancing data privacy. Facts reveal that social media platforms played a significant role in the 2016 presidential campaigns. It is very accurate that the spread of fake news influenced the 2016 presidential results leading to conflicts among Facebook users in the long run.

While I agree with you that the government should take part in the regulation of Facebook posts, I would appreciate to let know that such implementation might be quite challenging. Typically, the government majorly focuses on public policy while social media are framed to enable general public opinion. So, the two ideas are conflicting and need to be addressed critically. According to me, the government should liaise with the security and privacy sector of Facebook company to scrutinize the genuineness and relevance of each post while maintaining an individual’s freedom for expression.

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