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The Draft android permission

We are living in a world of technological advancements and innovation in the field of competitive mobile technology. Mobile computing is one of the leading personal computer interaction and user internet access across the world. Researchers and developers have been in the front line of laminating mobile user privacy and security. Mobile devices and in particular smartphones has been one of the user-friendly tools that accompany humans in their daily lives. The developers have equipped the appliances with specific software that is responsible for sensing particular data breaches. For this matter, android permissions have been the priority for the developers in ensuring user’s data is protected. The android operating system is the most software that is used by many mobile devices, at the same time, the most vulnerable devices to malware threats. This paper will review a research article, “Malware Analysis on Android Apps: A Permission-Based Approach.” This article was published in the year 2018. The report focuses on significant android functionalities that facilitate malware protections. It also puts into consideration some critical issues that are associated with the use of android applications. The research article addresses some key points that android permissions systems when the well-understood user might not be in danger of security threats.

The main idea addressed by the article is that it intends to make more comfortable android users learn about security issues. The significance of this work mainly assists the developers in comprehending malware detection. Its focus on malware protection is another aspect that would help the developers improve application permission policies. Application permission is a significant feature that allows all smartphone users to be aware of the risks associated with specific apps they intend to install or use. The author has outlined that some permissions granted to a particular application may lead to malware threats. The research has described that an application has facilitated any significant number of cybersecurity. It outlined that once a smartphone or android user grants permission to a given application, the developer of such application has full access to your information and personal data. This data breach is the most prominent malware practices that cyber attacker uses to steal private personal information. The author refers to this dangerous permission. A cybercriminal will focus on threatening users through a data breach. The article puts it clear the need to understanding malware protection and detection capabilities offered by the developer. Therefore, it becomes more comfortable as per the report to understand the threats associated with granting permissions to suspicious applications or websites. This article is relevant because it educates android users about malware protection and permissions. The report uses illustrations on various aspects associated with malware, permissions. It becomes very unfortunate to permit a give application or site authorization, and in the future, someone misuses your private data. Therefore reading this article is the best choice of understanding the need for security or malware protection and diction measure. The paper explores various features of android devices that are available for malicious applications and some of the common issues expressed by the author’s’ research findings.

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