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Disgruntled Employees


In a dynamic business market, it is easy to have employees disgruntled considering the attrition rate of human resources. It thus makes it crucial that the workforce is reviewed from time to time to determine their status while working in the organization. It, therefore, makes it essential to analyze what makes them disgruntles, how one can know it, and measures that can be taken to reverse the situation.

Disgruntled Employee

According to Rachmaliya & Efendy (2017), a disgruntled employee can be defined as one who is unhappy working within a given work environment. Usually, they tend to be harmless but put the company’s reputation at risk, including its intellectual property. This scenario arises as they feel as though they are not part of the organization, which they fail to look unto its well-being.

Causes of Employee Disgruntlement

An employee becomes disgruntled in cases where they get disrespected, they lack recognition in their workplace, they get a poor performance review o they undergo incidents of office bullying. Disgruntled employees also are usually triggered by instances of having a culture of favoring others within the workplace and sexual harassment.

How to Recognize a Disgruntled Employee

A disgruntled employee can be recognized based on their performance. In cases where they are dissatisfied, they tend to perform poorly. Absenteeism is also a factor that can tell on whether an employee is dissatisfied as well as poor attitude towards their work (Rachmaliya & Efendy, 2017). Lastly, being unable to get along with the team is also related to them being disgruntled.

How to Reverse Disgruntlement

As a way of reversing the disgruntled behavior of employees, is to take measures as a company that can help them. It includes providing counseling sessions that can help them cope up with their distress. Additionally, the employees can be given the option to get specific training to help them improve on their poor job performance. Making follow-up’s on their development is also a way of reversing their attitude.


Employees tend to spend nearly one-third of their lives working in the offices. It thus makes it crucial that they are given a good working environment where they can be productive and happy. Most of them tend to leave offices due to unfair practices and work pressure, which makes them dissatisfied. It is with this crucial that organizations consider ways of making them feel appreciated and valued to reduce cases of having them disgruntled.


Rachmaliya, N. S., & Efendy, H. (2017). Analysis of employee performance, organization culture, work satisfaction, and organization commitment. Human Resource Research, 1(1), 41-57.

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