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Social marketing offers an efficient platform for communicating with the community regarding health promotion. Besides, the promotion method is useful in promoting social changes in the city. Social marketing facilitates idea recognition because people from different parts of the world can access information (French, 2017). Second, social marketing is cost-effective as compared to other advertising methods. Promoters do not need many funds to convince clients regarding the new social approach (French, 2017). Thirdly, social marketing is essential in increasing awareness of a significant population. The marketers can inform a broad audience regarding the new health program. Social marketing is critical in establishing the product in the market. The strategy is essential in displaying products to clients where they can select from a variety of items (French, 2017). Besides, promoters and clients can interact where they can identify an idea or product specifications.

The first social network that I can utilize in communicating my community health program is Facebook. Most people are connected to Facebook, and it will be an excellent platform to address my medical concerns (Lefebvre, 2013). The other platform that I can utilize is LinkedIn. The social network has multiple professionals who can support my healthcare program. Besides, I can use Instagram to communicate my medical concern to different audiences (Lefebvre, 2013). The social networks will be useful in addressing my community health ideas because I will reach out to a significant population.

Apple Corporation used social marketing technologies to communicate with the audience regarding its ideas. The company was successful in facilitating social change in the United States and Europe. Another example of a company that utilized social marketing was Microsoft. The firm succeeded in developing social transformations in the region.

In conclusion, social marketing can be a useful tool in promoting change in organizations. Institutions can utilize networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. My community health program will be successful after using social marketing techniques.


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