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Criminal Justice Professionals

Characteristics Needed by Criminal Justice Professionals

I agree that criminal justice professionals require unique features in delivering mental health and crisis intervention services. This includes characteristics such as self-awareness, high tolerance, and non-reactiveness. I concur with this as through self-awareness, they get well prepared in handling cases where the criminals open up over painful memories. In such a case, they are supposed to be fully aware of their triggers and manage the situation well. According to Miller & Whitehead (2017), criminal justice professionals are also supposed to have high tolerance as a characteristic that will allow them to put up with different situations. Usually, they encounter tense and stressful situations with which they should be able to handle them. Lastly, as professionals dealing with crimes, I agree that they also need to master the skill of being nonreactive. By being non-reactive, they will manage cases where their clients can come to them with high emotions. It will help make them less reactive to the client’s outbursts and threats by trying to work things through with them.

How the Characteristics Differ from Other Practitioners

I believe that these characteristics differ from those of other human service delivery practitioners. It works based on how criminal justice professionals are, in most cases, exposed to crimes that require a lot of sensitivity. Miller& Whitehead (2017) further explains that it is professions that can have them face different situations that trigger their emotions differently. I, with this, find it crucial that they adapt to ways of handling them. One of them is having to employ the traits of being self-aware, highly tolerant, and non-reactive. These characteristics will help them boost their overall performance by bringing out the best in their services. Additionally, it is useful as compared to other departments where it differs in terms of how they face stressful situations, and they will acquire ways of minimizing their stress and managing their operational duty effectively.


Miller, L. S., & Whitehead, J. T. (2017). Report writing for criminal justice professionals. Routledge.

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