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Creating an Effective Learning Classroom

Disruptive classroom behavior is impermissible behavior that interferes with or disrupts the processes of teaching, learning, and administration. I have experienced such disruptive behavior among my students, which include; aggressiveness and elopement among some children; Some strategies create an active classroom behavior, which includes; never raising your voice towards the student, learn your student names, and having a sense of humor. This paper focuses on analyzing the strategies and implementation of creating an active learning classroom.

Elopement refers to the habit of the children running away out of the school without any permission or supervision. In my case, some of the children find it hard to cope in school and always find a way to escape secretly. Elopement can be caused by teachers when raising their voices to children with autism (Mogavero 2019). This is why teachers are advised to solve issues among children without raising their voices to them.

Learning the names of one’s student is another strategy for avoiding disruptive classroom behavior. The moment the teacher is unaware of his or her students, it will be hard for the student to concentrate since they will be eager for the teacher to name the wrong student. This can be implemented by making sure that the teacher knows all his students.

Even though a teacher takes steps on avoiding misbehavior in a classroom, problems related to such behaviors eventually arise (Jones. & Jones. 2015). In my case, where some students cry during class time, I would make sure that l maintain a sense of humor since some cry out of boredom. This will create a good relationship between the two parties.

In conclusion, for a teacher to create an active learning classroom, he or she needs to focus on strategies such as knowing the student’s names, avoiding raising voice, and also creating a sense of humor. This makes the students lively during classroom time, thus maintaining active learning.


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