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Tesla Financing Assignment



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Tesla is doing good business by selling backup battery power systems for medium and size companies (Samouak 2021). However, the customers have a challenge in accessing the systems due to financial shortages. On the listing, Mexico and Colombian clients are complaining about the same, and a significant solution is needed to help in accomplishing the major issues and aspects identified. Ideally, the focus should be on addressing the threats and implementing better solutions to accomplish the key issues. Financial strategies of partial payment instead of acquisition on full payment completion are the major request of the customers. As Tesla, accomplishing the request makes changes, and there is the need to focus on the functional approaches in the reduction of such threats while addressing the recommended standards of doing the business (Samouak 2021). The following are some of the approaches that Tesla can use to help the customers do a financing deal of up to one year:

Approaches that Tesla can use to help accomplish the one-year financing

  1. Hire purchase

Hire purchase terms can be given to Colombian and Mexican customers to help them accomplish the one-year planning. Addressing the inadequacies requires a better plan and address of the necessary solutions to make things better which is good and affordable (Samouak 2021). Hire purchase terms can be flexible to accommodate the clientele of diverse interests and economic scales. Enhancing a functional strategy and approach to change how things work is a major avenue of helping make the recommended processes better and effective. In hire purchase, Tesla can decide to work on the repayment plan whereby they require the clients to give a deposit and structure monthly repayment options, which is good for the customers to achieve their objectives (Samouak 2021). Accommodating and enhancing a functional strategy in the business need a better solution to enhance the quality needed for the business. Once the hire purchase terms are agreed upon, the customers can acquire the backup battery power system for their consumption.

Hire purchase financial plan for the customers is good since it helps them to use the systems while still paying for them (Samouak 2021). Upon default, the one-year grace period is supposed to be strictly followed and any challenge that compromises the financial plan results in confiscation of the system. Necessarily, changes must be addressed as they appear, and working to establish a better and functional protocol is necessary for helping solve the challenges. An annual budget distributed monthly is better and Tesla stands a chance of getting a better financial gain from the same due to the interest identified.

  1. One year incentive plan

Tesla can as well offer incentives to the clientele in Mexico and Colombia. With the incentive plan, a little budget is slashed from the original price of the battery backup power system to help their clients have a motivation to get the payment done (Samouak 2021). With the incentive plan, the customers are required to pay money regularly to a specific threshold, hence working on a competitive strategy helps in making things work which is key and effective in solving the major challenges. Addressing a quality solution and service-oriented process makes things better, and enhancing a functional metric is needed in solving how things work (Samouak 2021). A required framework in the incentive plan is approving the credibility criteria whereby meeting the qualification warrants a functional address and approach towards the same. Enhancing the right strategy in accomplishing the main objectives needs a better strategy and focus on the major implementations. Ideally, the incentive plan can make Tesla have a good customer base and the annual subscription with monthly payment can be good.

  1. Slow payment program

Customers in Colombia and Mexico can also be given a payment plan. Just like insurance plans or saving plans, the Tesla business is likely to have the right solution to address the challenges and enhance key metrics in solving the right protocols and addressing key issues identified (Reddy et al., 2020). Ideally, the major implementation entails working on the ideal solutions and planning to save with the company to acquire the battery backup system. Once the saving has clocked one year and met the cost of the system, the clientele can be allowed to come to the organization and collect the good in peace. In everything, addressing the competencies matter, and enhancing the right skill in making effective solutions to the deficiency matters (Samouak 2021). The slow payment program can be good since a record of customers interested in the battery backup power system can subscribe to the program and after one year, they meet the financial plan which is good for the business.

The slow payment program can also be adjusted to meet the needs of clients who can get the money even in less than a year to pay for the same. Enhancing a better solution such as working on the competitive metrics needs a better and required strategy in helping make the business work. Instant payment can be made to clear off the loan and enhance a right solution in addressing the major challenges as needed (Молчанова 2020). Working on the crucial aspects and avenues of success requires a better solution and functional process in making things better and effective. With the diverse accommodation, Tesla can attract more customers, build a reputation and accommodate people of varied social classes in the business, which is key in solving the major challenges. Enhancing the right business protocol requires a level of perfection, identification of better deliverables, and enhancing a key metric in making the major solutions work as needed.

  1. Exchange programs

In a financial planning aspect, Tesla can help Mexican and Colombian clients get access to better programs and address a functional strategy in making things better (Samouak 2021). Ideally, a focused intervention is required in making things better especially by allowing the clients to have a quality exchange program. Tesla can act as a shylock whereby the annual repayment can be made in terms of goods brought and accepted by the company. Addressing a functional strategy is key in helping make things better and effective for a significant approach in addressing functional aspects. Ideally, the best solution relies on considering Tesla as a better alternative in getting the goods sold and exchanging valuables for battery backup systems. Clientele satisfaction carries the day in everything, and addressing a significant solution is needed in helping resolve the challenges while working on a competitive basis to address the major complaints (Alviniussen & Jankensgard, 2009). An ideal setting is whereby the required standards get addressed and implementation of main aspects applied in focusing on the main solutions and addressing a crucial and effective strategy in changing how things work.


In conclusion, Tesla can restructure its financial plans for customers from low socioeconomic status to help them acquire better backup systems for their businesses. Power is good for a business and helping the SMEs thrive entails a crucial focus on the major deliverables, addressing a recommended solution in making the right choices as far as quality is concerned. An ideal process is good in helping save the situation, address a critical aspect and enhance the right solutions in doing what a business needs to address. Making significant processes needs a quality aspect in changing how things happen and promoting customer satisfaction. Establishing better financial terms for the goods is needed in solving the major challenges and addressing a competitive protocol for making things better and enhancing a functional protocol in addressing a key approach for making things work. With incentives, annual slow repayment methods, and hire purchases, the business becomes better since the wants of the clients are met, and ideal solutions are implemented in making the business a success.


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