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How to Write a Literature Essay

Working on a literature essay is like working in an outlook and insights, since there are no particular methods to be used or statistics to be computed. We at The Uni Tutor have employed a good writing team from a literature background who are capable of giving you with some fine methods and tips to aid you in learning how to write a literature essay or analysis paper.  Before you start the paper, it is important to draw an outline, this may be done by listing down some points that you want to tackle in the paper, the opinions that you want to emphasize on, step by step guides or by coming up with a list of questioners that must be answered.

The first leap is to imagine the structure of the essay.  Since literary pieces do not have headings, it is a requirement for a literature pupil to give a powerful introduction and conclusive paragraph at the start and when you end the essay accordingly. When you comprehend how to write a literature essay, it is important to fully comprehend that the paper must be very comprehensible.


It is a requirement to give a formal introductory page which you will convey to the readers about the title of the topic of the essay where the writer must be mentioned, regardless if the information is really available in the title of the paper. When you are working about poetry, there must be an important point to indicate in the sentence of the paper that has a meaning, not the phrase, but when quoting from a poem you should also quote a part of the paragraph or a phrase more than writing the entire verse. When you work on a fiction, you must always keep in mind that giving a summary is not just enough. In a lot of research papers, you need to deal with your perspective and this is acceptable, which is normal and it is known as an evaluative judgment. It may be a clarification or a crucial assessment.

Because of this, you should always have a particular thesis statement containing all the important details that show your perspective, which must be argued with a good argument. An argument must never be of this kind. HAMLET IS A PLAY ABOUT A YOUNG MAN LOOKING FOR REVENGE. This sentence is about a sense of the play and it is not a type of argumentative statement. The right thesis for this may be, HAMLET REALIZES THAT HE IS IN LOVE WITH HIS MOM AND SUFFERS THROUGH AN INTERNAL PROBLEM.  This statement is quite debatable and this type of statement that may require a justification in the future parts of the thesis. The remaining part of the paper will be used in the statement of the thesis and it will serve as an argument to additional extravagant and show how Hamlet fell in love with his mom and what the results were of this reading.


It will be best if you will keep writing an essay about literature without using the first person singular, which are I and however, but if in case it come across your writing, it’s fine, it is not yet the end for you. The truth is that it may also be like a good alteration, which is a sign that you are getting the responsibility for what you are thinking to be real.  Normally, lecturers in humanities prefer the journalistic we in the papers about literature, this is what you call the royal plural. For example, in these lines, we hear an echo of frost’s design can be heard. It will be best to take note of the essential key to keep in mind when learning how to write a literature essay, which must be very consistent when you are in the process of writing the essay.

Normally, the primary goal of the essay is counterfeited in the approval of the professor, so you need to ask your professor before you use a first person pronoun in your paper, especially the singular first person. The bibliographic information about the writer, even if it is interesting enough it will remain as irrational in a lot of essays, since it is about the crucial analysis of the literature. So it is advisable that you must altogether neglect the comments of the author or the life of the poet.

Edit and format

Literature is one of the ancient forms of academic subjects and so it conforms to the traditional way of writing the essay. The times new roman font and size 12 is the standard is the standard format with double spacing. These are often used in literature papers, but it is still advisable to consult your professor before you start the paper. All of the quotations have to be replicated in the original format and they should also need to use inverted commas. Be sure that you referenced these in a right manner with the use of your choice of referencing style mandated by the university.

Re-check the paper before you hand it in

This is the last step you must do before you submit the paper, proofreading your work is very important and if it is ready to be submitted to the professor, then you need to re-check it first. You need to make sure that the presence of ABC of writing, which is about accuracy, brevity and clarity, must be observed. If when you have finished the essay, you feel like reading it over again, then you need to thank yourself for that. It shows that you have written a paper that is really worthy of the reader’s time and attention.

The primary elements that must be checked twice are

  1. Referencing style of writing is mandatory
  2. Italicized the titles of the novels, magazines, newspapers, journals, short stories and others.
  3. Be sure that your quotes are in inverted commas and then separate it from the text in the form of a new paragraph; be sure that there is a quotation mark and a parenthesis in pairs.
  4. Double check your punctuation marks and spellings accordingly.

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